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Tsunami Beach

It was regretfully announced yesterday that Tsunami Beach and neighboring Freeport sims have been closed and reclaimed by LL. Tsunami Beach owner MaryAnn Maa expects to be able to reopen Tsunami Beach in a new location soon.


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Sydney City

A visit to Sydney City

Sydney City_001

Sydney City_002

Sydney City_003

Sydney City_004

Sydney City_005


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SLSA 2013 Season 2 Information

SLSA+logo1The dates have been announced and the Call for Venues has gone out.

From the SL Surfing Association forums:

Welcome to the 2013 Season 2Forum.
We will kick off with first here are the dates we are going to set for the upcoming season

August 17th and 24th
Sept 14th and 21st
Oct 12th and 19th
Nov 9th and 16th
Dec 7th and 14th ( 7th is celebrated in Hawaii as Pearl Harbor day)

What we would like is to have some venues, I know a few beaches are wanting to hold Comps this season and that is awesome. So lets get those bids in

If you want to hold a comp in Season 2 2013.

Please send a Note Card to all Directors with the following information.

Your name
Beach Name and Sim Size
What date you are looking at ( please be open to a few different dates)
What wave you may want to use
Board type ( SSI short , SSI Long or HP 5)

While the Sim owner does get a say in this it is up to the Directors to select and approve the wave and Boards.

Once we have your information we will send you the Bid form and you can formal bid.

Also remember you do not have to own a Sim to sponsor a competition SLSA does have a surf sim you can use for your competition.

This is an excellent opportunity to get surfers to come visit you beach. I can’t wait for the season to start!

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SLSA 2013 Season 1 Awards Ceremony

SLSA+logo1On Saturday, July 2oth, the SL Surfing Association held their end of season awards ceremony for 2013, Season 1. After finding the manager to come unlock the doors and let us in a wonderful time was had. Oh heck, we were having a great time beforehand to entertaining ourselves and congregating where we could. 🙂 We celebrated each others successes and cheered our fellow surfers on. As a matter of fact, I would like to nominate the whole of SLSA for Sportspersons of the Year. I have never seen a group of people so supportive of each other. I was serious crash city, and unfortunately was not able to stay until the end.

Willow Wynn was an excellent MC and keep things flowing along. Without further ado, the winners:

Sponsors were recognized and thanked for all their support. I am sorry I was not able to get a list of everyone to recognize here. Everyone who helped to staff an event was also thanked and recognized. I would like to thank everyone again here, because without staff, it would just be a big group of friends surfing together (which is good, too).

Alvaro Pevensey-Judge
Aurora Jacks-Security Officer, Rashie Designer, and Award creator
Bobbi LaSalle – Head Judge and Judge
Cierra Theriac – Event Coordinator, Head Judge, and Marshal
Cloudy Mikado – Marshal
Dax Kona – Event Coordinator and Rashie Designer
Dax Verlaine – Judge
DJ Zone – DJ
Imzadi Amaterasu – Head Judge and Judge
Johnny Whadd – Security Officer
Jordan Halderman – Judge
Kristen – DJ
Lauren Walker – Marshal
Maldrul Morris – Head Judge, Judge and DJ
MaryAnn Maa – Security Officer
Mick Lunasea – Marshal
Nico – Security Officer, Judge, DJ, and Award Creator
Rayzza Rubble – Marshal and Rashie Designer
Revy Lunasea – Judge
Rick Galli  – Judge
Robbin Ember – Judge
Sally LaSalle – Event Coordinator, Head Judge, Security Officer and Rashie Designer
Sunrize Mornington – Judge
Wilfid DeCuir – Head Judge and Judge
Willow Wynn – Event Coordinator
Xander Datura – Marshal and Judge

Angel Award: Nico

Sportsmanship: Maldrul Morris, Dax Verlaine, and Sally LaSalle

Rookie of the Year: Lilly Kona

Most Improved: Nico

Top Ten Surfers
1st – Sally LaSalle
1st – Sunrize Mornington
3rd – Abel Halderman
4th – Willow Wynn
5th – Colleen Brennan
5th – Zelda Zimberman
7th – Kristen
7th – Nico
9th – Dax Kona
10th – Petra Xaris

Team Ranking:
1st – Montego
2nd – Tsunami
3rd – Tai Chi Zen

Hall of Fame Inductees:
Sally LaSalle
Sunrize Mornington
Denise Foxtrot
Rayzza Rubble

The Gang

The Gang

Abel and Jordan Halderman

Abel and Jordan Halderman


Lilly Kona

Dax Kona

Dax Kona

Aurora Jacks and Mick Lunasea

Aurora Jacks and Mick Lunasea

Diamond Carbetta and Colleen Brennan

Diamond Carbetta and Colleen Brennan

The Top Ten Surfers

The Top Ten Surfers

I think Sunny got overwhelmed

I think Sunny got overwhelmed

Flynn and Cierra

Flynn and Cierra

If I got anyone credited wrong in the captions, please let me know so I can correct it. My memory isn’t always so great. 😉 I would have posted a lot more pictures, but taking them seemed to be what was causing my to crash.

So… where’s the next comp?

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Komodo is a private beach. But it is so beautiful that I had to share with everyone.Komodo_001






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SLSA Season End Awards Ceremony

SLSA+logo1The event to celebrate the SLSA’s first season of 2013 will be held on July 20, 2013 at The Hotel del Coronado at San Diego at 11 am SLT (next door to Solace Dreams). Many awards will be given out including some for which the SLSA is looking for nominations.

The SLSA Hall of Fame – “…nominations are sought from the SL Surfing community for potential inductees to the hall for contributions to SL surfing which are pivotal and of great value to the entire surfing community over a prolonged number of years.” To nominate some for the Hall of Fame, go to the Forum thread here. Nominations close tonight, July 9th, at midnight SLT.

The Sportsperson Award – “The Sportsperson award recognizes the person that you feel displayed exemplary sportsmanship, displaying grace in victory or defeat, providing encouragement within and outside their own team, or making a sacrifice to assist another to the detriment of their own place. They are this season’s ‘good sport’.” Nominate your choice on the Forum thread here. Nominations close on July 13th.

The Angel Award – “The Angel award is designed to recognize the person (male or female) that helped make this season a success, by contributing their time, effort, or simply their encouragement of surfers and staff, cheerfully and without seeking any recognition for themselves. They are the person that helped you and many others to have a fun season.”  To submit your choice for the Angel Award, visit the forum thread here. Nominations close on July 13th.

In addition, they are looking for some fun “novelty” awards. Make you suggestions on this thread in the Forum.

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