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Surf Spots Updated

Thanks to Kantbe Thursday for updating our Surf Spots list!  Just click on Surf Spots for URLs.


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Beach Rentals Available at Bundy Reef!

DW_002New beach level homes for rent on Bundy Reef!  Same Bundy feel, but now it can be your home.  Four homes available, customization completely up to you.  Homes come completely furnished. But you keep all the items you want to keep (or have them all removed) and rezz your own items.  Landscaping can be customized as well.  Any external changes must be approved by one of the management team.

These are beautiful homes, each distinct, but yet with the beach cottage theme, individually and thoughtfully furnished.  You have access to all areas of the sim, with the exceptions of other home rentals and skyboxes, and especially the beach and waves to surf on.  Free surfboard rezzers available.  Attached to Bundy Reef are 3 other surf sims, each with its own individual personality.

Each Rental is 2000L a week with an allowance of 1000 prims.  Homes and furnishings provided count into the 1000 prim allotment.  You are allowed to also rezz in the sky above 300 feet.

Come visit at Bundy Reef, explore the area and find your new home!

For information and assistance, contact: Kantbe Thursday, Cierra Theriac, or Sally LaSalle.

Bundy 3_001

Large open living area, with bedroom and roof access

Bundy 3_002

Living Room, Dining Area, and Sleeping Loft

Bundy 3_003

Living Room and Bedroom

Bundy 3_004

Main Living Room, Sleep Loft and Screened in Porch

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Surf Religion

Got this notecard from Vally Lavender…

HEY FRIENDS — I have parcels for rent on Surf Religion – view of the waves and sea.  Rent a lovely seaside cottage here and enjoy the benefits!  Pass this along!  Rents range from 1000 a week to 1200 a week.  Prims 690 – 980.  More info below….

Welcome to the Surf Religion sim.

As a resident here you will have access to your parcel, the remainder of the sim (except for other rented cottages) and also the Surf Love sim.  There is an abundance of entertainment here…from the Banyan House to the Tibetan Temple House and waterfalls and caves.  Oh and let’s not forget super surfing on the Jaws Wave!

Please no motorized vehicles on the sim.  Putting a boat out for decoration only is fine as long as you have the prims.

Be neighborly and nice and we all will get along fine.  No ban lines permitted on your parcel.  You have all the rights as any land owner would to  your parcel.  Put it in a group name or your individual name.  Select your own music.  Decorate the inside as you like.  I just prefer if you don’t junk up the outside of your cottage.  If I see something I don’t like I’ll let you know nicely.

No nudity permitted on the beaches.

Pay this box to rent.


Contact me Vally Lavender.

-))Surf Religion Landing

So naturally I ran over to see what was up… take a look


Rental Cottage


Lots of space


Great View


…and plenty of stuff to see and do on the sim






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Lavender Moon Shots (Kantbe Serious here?)

Hey, y’all.  Probably not expecting to see a post from me here, but there was a whispered breeze that went across both sides of the Rockies to Cie and me.  We can’t be certain, but is sure sounded like Tauri Tigerpaw whispering, “Kantbe needs to post on Surf Side…. Kantbe needs to post on Surf Side… Kantbe…”

As y’all, know, like E.F. Hutton, when Tauri speaks, one listens…

So here we are.  For those of you who haven’t read my stuff before, let me explain a little.  A reporter I’m not.  While Tauri and Cie have strict guidelines to adhere to and report the truth, I’m not especially bound by such constraints.  Sometimes, I might have a tendency to misrepresent, er, stretch the facts just a smidgen if I find the truth just a little too boring.  You know, I’m kind of like an American big media journalist or politician (my sincerest apologies to any American big media journalist or politician reading this whom I may have offended… if you weren’t offended, never mind).  By all means, please feel free to take anything I write out of context and misrepresent it.  I will.  😉

Seriously (laughing at the thought…), I’d like to tell you about a couple of surfing sims in Second Life™.  I don’t pretend to be able to write honest to goodness full fledged sim pieces like Flynn did with Blue Hole , but I would like to tell you about Lavender Moon and the new Lavender Moon 2.

Lavendar Moon Entry

As Flynn starts with his Blue Hole write up, “Vally Lavender has done it again”.  This time, she’s done it twice.  In Val’s words, “Lavender Moon is an Adult nude beach for those who want to suntan or surf in the nude.  You’ll find old school SSi triple pipes and foamies to add some nostalgia to the atmosphere.  Upon landing take the zip line to the lower beach and please do have fun.”  Watch that landing at the end of the zip line, be sure to let go before you come to an abrupt halt at the end (ouch!).

Right next door is Lavender Moon2.  This ain’t not rubber stamped duplicate of Moon by a long shot.  As Val says about this one, “Lavender Moon 2  is also an Adult beach with Maoli Dreambreak waves.  The jetties cause small waves to caress the beach as you look out to see the prettiest sunset in SL.  Dancing all over the place, hot tub, Spanish patio for posing for photos and of course the LAVA LOUNGE for live entertainment or dancing to your choice of music.”  I did try working out a bit on the chin bar, but I’m clearly more of a hanging out on a lounger type than a Muscle Beach girl.

Be sure and check them out.  Nice builds and interesting views.


Lavendar Moon Surf

Lavendar Moon2 Lava Lounge

Lava Lounge

Hang'n at Lavendar Moon2

Hang’n out

Lavendar Moon 2 Sunset


[Bathing suit:  Sharkbite Tassie Fire, available inworld and on MarketPlace]

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Carpe Diem Surf

I stopped by Carpe Diem Surf to hang out and relax, and surf. 🙂 Carpe Diem Surf is beautiful and it is obvious that a lot of thoughtful detail was put into it. Next door (Carpe Diem II) is the site of stop 3 in the SLSA 2013 Season 2.


the Landing Spot:  a perfect place to relax and take it all in

the Landing Spot: a perfect place to relax and take it all in








I asked owner Valium Lavender about Carpe Diem Surf, and here are some of her thoughts:

Vally is pleased to announce that she has added a new sim next door to her Carpe Diem Surf. The new sim is simply called Carpe Diem Two. However, not much will be done design-wise. Vally acquired the sim solely for an October SLSA Surf Competition. A few trees, chairs, and a hot tub, and of course an HP Jaws wave and SSI longboard rezzer. are all that exist there now and it will most likely stay that way. . Carpe Diem Two is a homestead sim.

Vally says “after the comp I plan to just kick back and enjoy my sims and my friends because I will be closing both sims in December.” “I will be leaving SL for awhile to take care of some health issues but don’t be surprised if I pop in from time to time to say hello. No sim is required for that and the nomad existence might be fun along with a camera by my side!”

“Most people don’t realize I’ve been in SL 7 years now and it’s time I take my brain out of the virtual reality world and do something more productive and more conducive to a healthier lifestyle. My family will be grateful as well.”




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Island Sea Dreams

Island Sea Dreams . Stop #2 in the SLSA second season of 2013. The SLSA Island Sea Dreams HP5 competitions will be held on Sept. 14th and 21st. It’s a beautiful place. Stop by and surf, then wander around and enjoy. Or the other way around. Up to you. 🙂 Oh yeah, and don’t forget – tonight is the deadline to enter the competition.











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Tsunami Beach Reborn, Again

MaryAnn Maa wasted no time finding a new home for Tsunami Beach. From group notices:

Tsunami  Beach & Surf, Tsunami Shops & Surf,  Both  reborn from the devastating storm that blew thru 50 sims,  We  have survived, washed shore on Bonaire 21 & 25..
Ray has been busy  Pray4Surf is up and running,
We also have  some waves running……..Stop by and take a peak, before the weekend.
Our good friendly vibes came with us,  Enjoy  MaryAnn Maa

I stopped by to check it out and take some pictures… but it may not be in its final form yet. Plus it looks like it was set up someone’s (*wink*) wedding. It spans two sims. Here’s a few pictures of how it is now.


Pray 4 Surf's new home

Pray 4 Surf’s new home





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