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So, Where Can I Find a C-3 Surfboard?

Rewriting/Reposting this:

I am so glad you asked!  The 2nd comp series at Bluff Cove  will be on C-3 v2 surfboards. You have the option of using your own surfboard or using a rezzer board. It is also your choice if you use a longboard or a shortboard.  The rezzer boards is long.

As of now, the three places I know to buy C-3 surfboards are at wave rider designs, Nizna Surf and the original Shack on Chi, Tsunami, and El Diablo. You can try out shorts at any official C-3 rezzer (try Bundy Reef), and longs on the beach at NS Surf Beach LOJA and at Bluff Cove.

If anyone knows of other places to buy C-3 v2 surfboards, let me know in the comments and I will update this post.

10 [wrd] board textures

wave rider designs



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So, Where Can I Find a C-3 Surfboard?

I am so glad you asked!  The upcoming comp at Bundy Reef will be on C-3 v2 surfboards. You have the option of using your own surfboard or using a rezzer board. It is also your choice if you use a longboard or a shortboard.  The rezzer boards are all short.

As of now, the three places I know to buy C-3 surfboards are at wave rider designs, Nizna Surf and the original Shack.  You can try out shorts at any rezzer, and longs on the beach at NS Surf Beach LOJA and at Bluff Cove.

If anyone knows of other places to buy C-3 v2 surfboards, let me know in the comments and I will update this post.

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Feedback C-3 Surfboard Requested

SLSA+logo1The SLSA Board of Directors is looking at the C-3 surfboard for competition use and is requesting member feedback.

Posted in the SLSA forums:

The BoD has approved the C 3 surfboard for testing and comments/ concerns by the SLSA general membership.

Please visit Solace Dreams and try out the C 3. Then post your comments and concerns in this forum thread.

The BoD will review all comments and make a decision whether approve the board to be considered for use in official SLSA surfer ranking competitions.

If the SLSA Board of Directors decide that official SLSA surf competition could be fairly conducted on the C 3, then the matter will be brought to the eligible voting members who are currently eligible to vote in Director Elections.

If the board is not approved, we will send the list of concerns to the manufacturer to allow them to address those concerns and provide the SLSA with an updated version for further testing.

Please note as stated above, that the Board of Directors has “approved” the C-3 board for consideration to be used in competition. It has not received full approval yet. That determination will be made after receiving feedback from the SLSA members. You can also find a board rezzer at Tsunami Beach.


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My Sweet Revolution

Want to get to know the Revolution surfboard system better?  Received in Group Notices…

Free Surf Class Tonight  7pm SLT

The course title this week at Encinitas is My Sweet Revolution.  This course is designed to cover the Revolution Settings menu in detail.

By end of the course you will be able to make your Revolution your own and match your own unique surfing style to your board.  You will know how to make a long board act like a long board, a gun will be a gun, short will be a short etc.

Class is limited to 15 people

I am assuming that it will be held at  Encinitas HS again.

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The Revolution Project

Revolution is HereI received a message from Mick Lunasea the other day that something exciting was happening. Something involving surfboards. And, yeah, I’m easy, that’s all it took to get me doing backflips, throwing around lindens and peppering Mick with questions. In that order, I think.

Mick, Revy Lunasea (Revlon Benoir), and Rayzza Rubble have created the Revolution surfboard system. And it is different than anything we have had before. The basic premise is it’s a 2-part system. The “wax” and the “deck”. The “deck” is the actual board you see. Revy created the “wax” for the deck and the wax contains the scripts. This gives a whole new meaning to waxing your board. When you wax your board, you load the scripts into it. The board is a separate purchase item and you can choose your board from any of the Revolution shapers to pair up with the wax. Revy has set the price of the wax (scripts) at 100L$. The individual shapers are free to set the price of their boards. The board I bought was 300L$.


I asked Mick a ton of questions, and I should just let him tell you about it. He explains how the Revolution board works (both board and scripts) as follows:

The deal is surfboard shapers (Deck creators / artists) are in full control of their own line of surfboards. Make one Deck, make 1000. One shape is a dog? Get feedback from riders, pull it, reshape, make a new vendor instantly. NO WAITING for new vendors. Buy one wax it allows buyer to choose any designated shaper…

The board itself rides different. It requires a bit more practice to unleash its true potential. The surfboard has an adjustment menu to adjust rider position on the board, speed, buoyancy and more. Rob (Robin Mapp of Surf Naked) has explored these options in detail already. Completely new custom rider animations, hammered out cam view angles (we spent months on this alone). Scripted tricks are limited to one handstand. There is a “c” crouch animation which is a rail grab. There is a wipe out mode. Collide with another rider, physical rock, jetty etc. you fall. The board remains in place where you fell (no chasing lost boards). The board is designed to SURF. Hit the up arrow you accelerate like adjusting front foot in RL surfing, hit back arrow you stall the board, lift the nose, putting weight on back foot just like in RL. Combine tapping the up and down arrows and the rider climbs the wave face and allows rider to turn fast sharp, get air etc.

The two part system, wax and deck was designed primarily to give designated shapers independent control of their product. No need to contact the maker of the vendor, virtually no undelivered product as vendors are simple stand alone units not tied to a delivery system. Each shaper’s sculpt / mesh and artwork are protected as boards are copy+/no mod/no trans. If the buyer tries to mod the board it disappears, lucky they have copy to still ride. Creating team rider decks and or artwork is a snap. If a surfer wants a custom shape or artwork? The shapers CAN DO rapidly!

The Wax price is 100L$, whereas, Deck prices are up to the Shaper, the minimum price is 300L$. If a shaper spends untold hours creating sculpt / mesh Decks with artwork, they can price the Deck accordingly. When Revy was asked “why (is the Wax) so cheap?” Her reply was,”This project is not about money, its about Surfing.”

Anyway, I went out to Mick’s shop, SurfCrazy at Kona Beach, bought my wax and picked out one of his boards. With my new board tucked under my arm and wax in it’s bag, I headed home to play with my new toys. I unpacked the wax kit and enclosed is a Quick Start with simple directions to follow to put the board and scripts together. Let’s just go with, if I can do this, anyone can. The Quick Start is a texture that rezzed as soon as I unpacked my wax kit, so I followed the instructions on it and was up and running quickly. But I am going to recommend against using just the Quick Start. Also enclosed in the wax kit is the Revolution Manual. READ THE MANUAL! 🙂 I hit a few snags, which I am sure were due to user error, that would have been clearer if I had used the Manual.

One thing to note, there is an instruction to “Set scripts in board to running.” I haven’t messed with a script in about 5 years, so I was looking for a button on the edit menu to run the scripts. It took me a bit of trial and error, but I eventually found the “Run Scripts” under “More” when I clicked on the board. Later on further trial, (using Firestorm) I found if you put the board in edit mode, click “Build” on the top menu bar, click “Scripts”, and choose “Set Scripts to Running.” Voila! (D’Oh note-this was in the manual. Seriously dudes-Read the Manual)

Me and my new BoardI got the board put together and was surfing on it within 5 minutes of throwing the new items out on the sand using the Quick Start guide. Some things you should know from my experience:

  • The Quick Start guide is great, but like a typical surfer I chose not to read the manual first. Unpacking the wax kit put the Quick Start guide right in front of my face, so naturally I just followed that. Ummm… READ the Revolution Manual. Yeah, I know, who wants to read the instructions, but there is a lot of good stuff in there, such as, How to create, step-by-step, your board/wax combo, How to configure your new board, and How to surf on it. It is quite comprehensive.

    Board and Wax

    Wax and Deck ready to work their magic

  • Also, I don’t know if I missed this somewhere, because I didn’t see this particular instruction, but I am going to recommend it. After you set the scripts to running, I would take the surfboard back into your inventory one more time. Otherwise, you have to set the scripts to running each time you want to surf. You will now have 3 boards in your inventory, so keep track of the third one you took. The first is the original Deck board, the second is the Deck and the Wax (but this board you will have to set the scripts each time). The third board in your inventory is the one you want to continue to surf on (or at least I do), because it has the scripts already set to run. (While the board is rezzed you can put a v2 or something at the end of the name of the board, so you know which one it is. Don’t completely change the name of the board, how will you be able to tell people the name of your awesome new board?)
  • I noticed when I took by board back into my inventory, the wax was still hanging out. Take that back into your inventory too. If something happens to your board, you need the wax to recreate it.

I need to work on my surfing skills to figure out what can be done, as well as, all the adjustment nuances, and surfing possibilities Mick mentioned. Right now, I can get to my feet, grab a rail and turn. I need to also work on exiting the wave before I hit the shore. Because you can literally surf up the beach and be picking sand out of your teeth. Hopefully, a little more time and I can look like I know what I am doing. Flynn gave it a shot and was looking much more experienced than I was; climbing the wave, doing 360s, flips, etc. Did I mention that you should READ THE MANUAL? It has tips and instructions on how this board surfs and what you can do to make it work for you.


Ray from Pray4Surf and Mick from SurfCrazy are the first shapers to work with the project and joining them are Robin Mapp of Surf Naked, Syx Toshi of Surf Shop 6 and Sally LaSalle. As of this writing, only Mick and Robin Mapp have their boards out and ready to buy. Ray’s board designs are expected to be available soon. Hopefully I will be able to report that Sally LaSalle and Syx Toshi also have designs for us to to chose from, in the near future.

I am really excited to explore all the potential that the Revolution board system has to offer. And innovation is a good thing!


(Note: At this time, these brand new boards are not used in SLSA competitions, but you never know what could happen in the future.)



(Another note: I bought my own board and put it together myself. So any fumbles along the way were completely my own. Any errors in putting it together or using it were mine. Mick sent me the note that this system existed and was available. I made my purchases and put together the system using the Quick Start before I started asking Mick about it.)


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