Flynn’s Corner

I’ve been wanting to do this for a while now. So here it goes.

What you can expect from this page is a bunch of ramblings on surfing, SL surfing (sometimes SLSA, mostly not), and what I see happening in the community that has evolved here over the past seven years. As Cierra and I build our little homestead there will be a bunch of reflection going into what I do (Cie has her own approach to viewing life and so do I), and sometimes what we do. After all, this is called Flynn’s Corner.  I’m good at standing on a soapbox and equally good at listening. That does not mean I will always engage in a conversation I start here… I like to ask questions and seeing what happens. Perhaps that is the “scientist” in me, I am an ecologist by schooling (student and educator) and life experiences. Living life, I have found, is the best way to learn. Even when you get it “wrong”.  Living in a virtual world is no different than real life, IMHO.


July 10th, 2014 – It took us a month to get Bluff Cove ready to open and as Cie and I have said, it is likely to change subtley because I view what we have as a rough draft. I speak mostly of the environment rather than the swell. The swell will always be in constant motion and while I cannot become a deity and the Luna God, I hope to change up the waves on a weekly basis. Mostly what that will mean, once I am happy with how the waves roll towards the shore, is turning off one wave or two and turning on another. We have Maoli waves (Freestyle and Fluffies) on the sim right now. But we also have LSD, SSi and hope to add others as we can afford them. Right now we also have available to everyone surfboards to use. These can be found across the beach: SSi boards are just in the water ready to go on the East and West side beaches; LSD and the new C-3 boards are rezzer boards located just down from the shop. You really can’t miss them. My next goal, one I have been wanting to do for a couple of months now is sit down with Revy and Robin to see what we can do to add those boards. Unfortunately, life gets in and changes what is a simple thing into an obstacle, all from my situation, not theirs.

Our next biggest goal is to create a line of boards for sale, instead of just selling textures to place on SSi boards. wave rider designs (wrd) has been my creation  since 2008 when Seb and I got together and created our (i.e., wrd’s) first line of boards. Those no longer work because of changes that have been made in SL and Seb is hard to get ahold of and is busy with other things in RL and SL. So Cie and I really do want our own line of boards again with all the makers, if possible. Hopefully we can swing that. Its not for any financial reason… let’s just call it my little vanity project and let it go at that. So there you have it… 🙂

As for everything else I have done in SL, it has never been about ego (and I hope that is apparent from those of you who know me), instead it has always been about making SL surfing better, from a competitive and community perspective. I am human after all, so I may not always succeed in that… when I don’t feel free to call me on it and be willing to forgive my knuckleheadness. 😀


June 12th, 2014 –  Yesterday Cie and I went to the sim and did some rough work on Bluff Cove. We put up some “temporary” waves so I could watch them and see how they reacted to the land. That actually helped for this set of waves and I roughly shaped the short side of the Bluff, the side connecting to Bundy and the ravine (aka Pee Water Springs).  And while PWS is down by Malaga Cove in RL it  makes for a  sound geological reason to put the ravine there. I do like the way that Cortez wave moves across the open water sim to break on the far shoreline. I rarely see angled waves on sims anymore, so that is probably going to stay as is for a while. Also we laid the foundation for the wrd designs shop(s). And roughly extended the long side of the Bluff that extends to Flat Rock.

Bluff Cove has a lot of shaping to do and will be an ongoing project for some time to come. Cie keeps pointing out to me it is based on Bluff Cove, its not Bluff Cove. And not to worry about it, and she is absolutely right, but I hope that when surfers go there they will recognize the landscape for what it is.  Can’t wait to get a couple of peacocks for the bluff tops 🙂

I also got an awesome notecard inworld from denise.foxtrot of maoli waves explaining the physics and coding issues of creating really good waves. Once I get her approval I hope to post it here. I personally think it is a must read for every SL surfer. =


June 8th, 2014 – LMAO… yes I learned a lesson or two. Preconceived notions on playing god was kinda stupid.  I definitely want to mix up the waves, because that is what happens in nature. But I wanted the waves to go in the direction I wanted them to go, which would have been fine, but I started with the geology. In SL that does not work out so well. There are no sim lines in RL and waves are fluid. SL waves  are not, and have a very definitive size.  So either two things need to happen: either SL code needs to let you define the variables as you would in a simulation, which would be really revolutionary or you place the waves in a pseudo-realistic way and build the land to emulate the natural conditions .

Clearly I have only one option at this time.  I also bought the cheapest waves that I could find and need to go shopping for a set of waves that I really like… that compliment my preconceived notions of a set of waves I have not seen or surfed in over 10 years. I guess that is why so many movies come out with statements like “Based on a True Story”.  The truth is there is no truth in nature. Science, I know you have been told, is to prove the truth of the natural world. That’s a misconception (or flat out lie). Science only tries to explain what is happening at that exact moment in time and space under a specific set of variables, most of which we don’t even know exist. I have a lot to learn about SL physics and the variables that wave designers, as they play god, think are important and place in their waves. 🙂

June 7th, 2014 – Bluff Cove is more than a surf spot, at least in RL. I spent many hours standing on the bluff, walking the paths, watching the waves, the sun, the wind, and a hell of a lot of people come and go. Its also a great dive spot and that in hindsight is really important to understanding how waves form, flow, and wash upon the shore. So as we play with the virtual Bluff Cove, I hope to use those underwater experiences, as well as the other elements to place the waves in a “natural” way. I hope to learn something something new about SL physics. Wish me luck!



If you have something to say, please, feel free to share it.