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SLSA Season 1 2017 Season End Ceremony

I flaked and didn’t write down all the winners… this is what I can gather:

Top 10 Surfers

1. Moira
2. Kris Marley
3. TeddyBear
3. Cierra Theriac
5. Aquadoc
6. Jeavin
7. Petra Xaris
8. Johnny Whadd
9. Missy LovesU
9. Follo Sirbu
(these are my calculations, I apologize if they are different than announced)

Hall of Fame:
Moira and Kris Marley, ofc
Connie Decosta (chosen by SLSA members)

Sportsperson: Moira

Angel: Annie Panties

Pictures from the Ceremony:

Sorry I didn’t take pics of the dance after ( I seem to have a problem with that…) but it was a blast!


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SLSA 10th Anniversary – SSi Tai Pro Competition

Date: June 24th 2:00 PM SLT
Venue: Tai
Wave: Pipeline Lite (Start is on the right side of the beach at the buoy, set of 3 waves side by side)
Board: SSi Short, rezzer or personal

Go register here!

  • For those using personal boards, the VISIBLE prim must be between 2.25 meters and 3.38 meters.

(Make sure you are a member of the SLSA forum, before you register. Easy to do, go to the link above. Should take less than 24 hours to be signed-up!)



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Bluff Cove C-3 Pro Results

1st Moira (RED) 16.25
2nd Kris Marley (BLUE) 15.75
3rd Teddy Bear (BLACK) 15.00
4th Jeavin (ORANGE) 14.416
5th Aquadoc (PURPLE) 14.166
6th Cierra Theriac (GREEN) 13.75

Heat 1
Jeavin (RED) 14.33
Maryann Maa (ORANGE) 10.00
KeiReavin (PURPLE) 7.83

Heat Two
Follo (RED) 8.25
Moira (BLUE) 17.00
Mick Lunasea (GREEN) 9.58
Teddy Bear (ORANGE) 12.41

Heat 3
Nik Nak (RED) 12.25
Aquadoc (BLUE) 12.58
Cierra Theriac (GREEN) 13.91
Kris Marley (ORANGE) 15.00

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Tsunami Beach/Solace Dreams Pro Results

Dates: April 22nd 12:00 PM SLT
Venue: Tsunami Beach / Solace Dreams
Wave: Maoli 100 Meter Freestyle
Board: LSD (comp rezzer ONLY)

1st Venera74 Resident(Red) 16.16
2nd KrisMarley Resident(Blue) 15.83
3rd Jeavin Resident(Black) 15.66
4th JohnnyWhadd Resident(Green) 15.41
5th atlasshrugged3 Resident(Orange) 14.91
6th Cierra Theriac(White) 13.75
7th Aquadoc Resident(Purple) 13.16

(surf off for 7th position in finals between Matt (nuitdarksin) and Cierra)

Heat 1
Bri Graycloud (Red) 10.25
Carlyle Chaparral (Blue) 8.75
Curshaw Resident(Green) 6
Jeavin Resident(Orange) 12.75
MaryAnn Maa(Purple) 11.5

Heat 2
Cierra Theriac(Red) 12.25
mick lunasea(Blue) 11.91
Venera74 Resident(Green) 17.58
BIllTheDrunk Resident(Orange) 0
nuitdarksin Resident(Purple) 12.25

Heat 3
atlasshrugged3 Resident(Red) 14.58
Petra Xaris(Blue) 11.91
Nicollebaby Resident(Green) 8.41
Erick Seranno(Orange) 0
joaomiguelkobalt Resident(Purple) 9.41

Heat 4
missylovesu resident(Red) 0
Aquadoc Resident(Blue) 13.75
followingwaves Sirbu(Green) 7.25
KrisMarley Resident(Orange) 17.08
JohnnyWhadd Resident(Purple) 15.33

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US Vans Open of Surfing

The Vans US Open of Surfing is coming up…This  is a WSL event:  CT event for ladies and QS for men. July 25-31 on the WSL website.

US Open

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SLSA Season 1 2016 Year End Ceremony

SLSA+logo1Saturday July 9th was the awards ceremony and party to celebrate the end of the season. As always, it was fun and eventful. DJ Reignie gave us excellent tunes from the 80s to dance to afterwards.  Thanks to Rayz for lending us the Waterfront Theatre and Curshaw for being an awesome host!

Recognized were:

Top 10:
1 Tyler Peace
2 Roxy Angel
3 Moira
4 Liberty Justice
5 Cierra Theraic
6 Slade Mano
7 Petra Xaris
8 Mike
9 Lanky Silvercloud
9 Ronan Blake
Presenter: Bobbi LaSalle

SLSA Ceremony_031

Liberty, Moira, Roxy, Slade, Cierra, Petra

SLSA Ceremony_030

Presenter: Bobbi

Top 3 Team:
1 Tai Chi
2 Tsunami
3 Montego
Presenter: Annie Panties

Angel Award: MaryAnn Maa
Presenter: Petra Xaris

SLSA Ceremony_013

MaryAnn Maa and presenter Petra Xaris


Sportsmanship Award: Aquadoc
Presenter: Petra Xaris

Aquadoc - far left

Aquadoc – far left


Most Improved: Slade Mano
Presenter: Cierra Theriac

SLSA Ceremony_015


Presenter: Cierra

Presenter: Cierra

Hall of Fame:
Tyler Peace (#1 Rank)
Roxy Angel (#2 Rank)
Vally Lavender (Contributions to SL Surfing)
Shack Schapira (Contributions to SL Surfing)
Presenter: Sally LaSalle

Vally, Roxy, Sally, and Tyler

Vally, Roxy, Sally, and Tyler



Gold Sponsors
Denise Foxtrot, Maoli Waves
Mary Ann Maa, Tsunami Beach
Sally LaSalle, Tai/Chi
Lyn Naveah, Cape San Blas
Bronze Sponsors
Mick Lunasea, Surf Crazy
Aqua Doc, Grand Haven Futuresurf
Cierra Theriac & Sally LaSalle, Bundy Reef
Cierra Theriac, Surfside, Wave Rider Designs, Bluff Cove
Shack Schipira, C-3 Surfboards
Bree Asadar, Silver Dragon Designs
Kristirenae Resident, Lazy Daze

Title Sponsors – 2016 Season 1
Mary Ann Maa, Tsunami Beach
Sally LaSalle, Tai and Bundy Reef
Cierra Theriac, Bundy Reef and Bluff Cove
Petra Xaris, Solace Dreams
Presenter: Vally

Event Host: Curshaw MacTagairt



Site Host: Rayzza Rubble

Rayzza, center

Rayzza, center

Trophies: Neptune, Roxy Angel





I tried to take lots of pictures, but sadly now I can’t put all names to the beautiful people. If you want to give me a heads up in comments or in-world I will correct that.

SLSA Ceremony_002


SLSA Ceremony_003


SLSA Ceremony_012

SLSA Ceremony_004


SLSA Ceremony_005

Roxy and Reignie

SLSA Ceremony_007

Mick and Liberty

SLSA Ceremony_009

Bobbi and Sally

SLSA Ceremony_010

SLSA Ceremony_021


SLSA Ceremony_017

SLSA Ceremony_032

Party! Party!


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Maximillion Kleene and SLSA Fundraiser

SLSA+logo1Join your fellow surfers and beach goers for a great concert on Friday June 17th as award winning entertainer Maximillion Kleene sings and plays for us at Solace Beach stage from 6-7 pm SLT.  All proceeds go to help SLSA .  Save the date!  Thats this Friday (yes, tomorrow) 6-7 pm SLT. A pep rally going into our last surfing contest for the season.

Solace Beach

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