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SLSA Solace Dreams HP5 Open Results


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Registration Opens for SLSA Solace Dream HP5 Competition

SLSA+logo1Registration has opened for the SLSA Solace Dreams HP5 series, the 1st stop for Season 1 of 2016!

Dates: Feb 13th Open & 20th Pro 11AM SLT
Venue: Solace Dreams
Board: HP5 (rezzer or your own)
Wave: Maoli Tahiti
LM: … s/45/34/22

Registration is open until 12p NOON SLT February 10th 2015. Register on the SLSA Forums.

If there are less than 30 legitimate registered surfers, then the registration will remain open until 30 surfers have been registered or February 17th 2015 whichever comes first. If on February 10th, there are 24 or fewer registrants, then no open will be held. In the event that that there are 25 or more registrants, then the open will be held. The top 20 ranked registered surfers will not participate in the open and can automatically participate in the pros. All of the other registered surfers will compete for a spot in the pro by participating in the Open event. Top 20 ranked surfers you still need to register! Your registration into the event is not automatic. This event is open to any SLSA member, even if you have never competed before (you will be competing in the Open event). If you are new to the SLSA, you will need to join the SLSA group and the SLSA Forums.

Note: Event Rules and the Waiver have been revised. Please make sure you read everything!

Full event rules can be found on the SLSA Wiki.

Also, if you would be interested in working the event, contact any SLSA director.

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