Surfing Needs

Do you sell surfboards, waves, beachwear? Send me a LM to your main store, so I can get you added to the list.

DW Surf Cloud 9SSi surfboards

flow WideWorld Objective – flow surfboards, casual clothing

LSD Chi LSD surfboards, waves

Maoli Bellisimo, Chiwaves, Maoli surfboards

Nizna Surf Seabreeze – C-3 surfboards, clothing

PerfectWaves Falorir SSi surfboards (vendors currently inoperable)

The Shack  Chi, Cloud 9, El Diablo, Tanivo Beach – C-3 surfboards

Sharkbite Tai – bikinis, boardshorts, clothing

Sniper Surfboards Chi – SSi surfboards (vendors may be currently inoperable)

Something Surfy Bundry ReefChi  – jewelry, Art

Splendeurs  Kauai-Mainstore – SSi and LSD surfboards, bikinis, boardshorts, clothing (SSi vendors may be currently inoperable)

Sublime Boomerang – bikinis, boardshorts, clothing

wave rider designs Bluff Cove– Bikinis, surfboard textures, C-3 surfboards


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