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SLSA Braata Surf Pro Results

Congratulations to everyone! The surfing today was awesome.

1st Sunrize Mornington – 15.33
2nd Abel Halderman – 14.83
3rd Kr1st3n – 14.66
4th MarkFoo Waverider – 14.50
4th wanderjr – 14.50
6th Followingwaves Sirbu – 14.00

Braata Pro WInners_001

Semi-Finals 1
Sunrize Mornington – 15.33*
Followingwaves Sirbu – 14.66*
MarkFoo Waverider – 14.33*
Abel Halderman – 15.00*

Semi-Finals 2
Figger Arun – 14.00
Sally LaSalle – 13.16
Kr1st3n – 14.16*
Willowwynn – 13.83

Semi-Finals 3
wanderjr – 15.16*
nicolette1nico2 – 14.33
Zelda Zimberman – 14.16
Ignacio Pevensey – 13.66
Amphiprion Bellingshausen – 0.00

*Heat winners and next top 3 scores advance to finals


Heat 1
Sunrize Mornington 14.83*
Figger Arun 14.83*
Lourinho Nizna 11.50
Kr1st3n 14.16*
Amphiprion Bellingshausen 13.50*

Heat 2
Abel Halderman 14.00*
Willowwynn 13.83*
Robbin Ember 5.33
wanderjr 15.00*
13Kuiz00 8.17

Heat 3
Colleen Brennan 11.50
Petra Xaris 12.16
Melian Catronis 13.00
Followingwaves Sirbu 14.50*
Rachel Emodeon 12.33

Heat 4
Sally LaSalle 14.66*
Ignacio Pevensey 13.83*
Curshaw 9.33
Zelda Zimberman 14.16*
JustSurfSparkie 11.16

Heat 5
iLaurenB 10.66
Ashoka Mosely 0.00
Harbor Piers 0.00
nicolette1nico2 12.83*
JohnnyWhadd 12.50

Heat 6
Mick Lunasea 9.50
Shannon Cardalines 0.00
MarkFoo Waverider 14.00*
Retro Huxxely 13.33
BelleReveDeux 12.50

*Heat winners and next top six scores advance to semi-finals.

Screen shot 2013-02-23 at 4.54.54 PM

Event Coordinator – Sally LaSalle
Marshal- Xander Datura
Head Judge – Bobbi LaSalle
Judge – Wilfrid DeCuir
Judge – Maldrul Morris
Security Officer – Aurora Jacks
DJ – DJZone
Rashies and Trophies – Aurora Jacks

Braata Pro_001



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Heat Draws Announced for SLSA Braata Surf Pro

SLSA+logo1The heat draws for the second part of the first event of the current season for the Second Life Surfing Association (SLSA) have been announced. (Did you follow all of that?)

Place: Braata Surf Beach
Date: February 23rd at 11:00 AM SLT
Call for Heat 1 at 10:45 am SLT
Wave: Action Maverick
Board: HP5

Heat 1
Sunrize Mornington (RED)
Figger Arun (BLUE)
Lourinho Nizna (GREEN)
Kr1st3n (ORANGE)
Amphiprion Bell (PURPLE)

Heat 2
Abel Halderman (RED)
Willowwynn (BLUE)
Robbin Ember (GREEN)
wanderjr (ORANGE)
13Kuiz00 (PURPLE)

Heat 3
Colleen Brennan (RED)
Petra Xaris (BLUE)
Melian Catronis (GREEN)
Followingwaves Sirbu (ORANGE)
Rachel Emodeon (PURPLE)

Heat 4
Sally LaSalle (RED)
Ignacio Pevensey (BLUE)
Curshaw (GREEN)
Zelda Zimberman (ORANGE)
JustSurfSparkie (PURPLE)

Heat 5
iLaurenB (RED)
Ashoka Mosely (BLUE)
Harbor Piers (GREEN)
nicolette1nico2 (ORANGE)
alliejj (PURPLE)

Heat 6
Mick Lunasea (RED)
Shannon Cardalines (BLUE)
MarkFoo Waverider (GREEN)
Retro Huxxely (ORANGE)
BelleReveJeux (PURPLE)

Standby Surfer – JohnnyWhadd

Event Coordicator – Sally LaSalle
Marshal- Xander Datura
Head Judge – Bobbi LaSalle
Judge – Wilfrid DeCuir
Judge – Maldrul Morris

Good luck to all the surfers and I hope to see everyone out there!

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SLSA Braata Surf Open Results

SLSA+logo1We were having a rocking good time out in the judges stands and had the best view in the house. But I hear the party in the stands was not to be missed!

Heat 1 Scores:
Followingwaves 14.50000*
Retro Huxxely 13.83333*
JustSurfSparkie 10.83333*
Amphiprion Bell 11.50000*

Heat 2 Scores:
nicolette1nico2 14.00000*
alliejj 10.66667*
wanderjr 14.66667*
Fonda Fugue 0.000000
BelleReveDeux 10.00000

Heat 3 Scores:
Rachel Emodeon 11.33333*
JohnnyWhadd 9.666667
Zelda Zimberman 14.50000*
13kuiz00 11.50000*
Skaterider 0.000000

1st Zelda Zimberman 14.33333
1st Retro Huxxely 14.33333
3rd wanderjr 13.83333
4th nicolette1nico2 12.33333

*Top 10 scores from the preliminary rounds advance to the Pro Event

Braata Open_003

Pre-Qualified for the Pro Event:
Wilfrid DeCuir
Sunrize Mornington
Abel Halderman
Colleen Brennan
Sally LaSalle
Mick Lunasea
Figger Arun
Willowwynn Resident
Petra Xaris
Ignacio Pevensey
Ashoka “Ace” Mosely
Shannon Cardalines
Lourinho Nizna
Robbin Ember
Melian Catronis
Curshaw Resident
Harbor Piers
MarkFoo Waverider

Open Event Staff:
Event Coordinator: Sally LaSalle
Head Judge: Cierra Theriac
Judge: Wilfrid DeCuir
Judge: Sunny Mornington
Marshal: Cloudy Mikado
Security Officer: Aurora
DJ: DJ Zone
Trophies and Rashies: Aurora

Sorry, there aren’t more pictures, but it is tough to judge and be an awesome photographer at the same time 😀

Braata Open_005

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Heat Draws for SLSA Braata Surf Open Announced

SLSA+logo1The heat draws for the first event of the current season for the Second Life Surfing Association (SLSA) have been announced.

Place: Braata Surf Beach
Date: February 16th at 11:00 AM SLT
Call for Heat 1 at 10:45 am SLT
Wave: Action Maverick
Board: HP5

Heat 1
Followingwaves Sirbu (Red)
Retro Huxxely (Blue)
JustSurfSparkie Resident (Green)
Amphiprion Bellingshausen (Orange)

Heat 2
nicolette1nico2nikki (Red)
alliejj (Blue)
wanderjr (Green)
Fonda Fugue (Orange)
BelleReveDeux (Purple)

Heat 3
Rachel Emodeon (Red)
JohnnyWhadd (Blue)
Zelda Zimberman (Green)
13kuiz00 (Dax) (Orange)
Skaterider (Purple)

Pre-Qualifying for the Pro Event
Wilfrid DeCuir
Sunrize Mornington
Abel Halderman
Colleen Brennan
Sally LaSalle
Mick Lunasea
Figger Arun
Willowwynn Resident
Petra Xaris
Ignacio Pevensey
Ashoka “Ace” Mosely
Shannon Cardalines
Lourinho Nizna
Robbin Ember
Melian Catronis
Curshaw Resident
Harbor Piers
MarkFoo Waverider

Open Staff:
EC: Sally LaSalle
HJ: Cierra Theriac
J: Wilfrid DeCuir
J: Sunny Mornington
M: Cloudy Mikado

It is sure to be great fun! If you are not surfing, come join the party in the spectator stands and cheer on the surfers.

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The Lives Blur

Cie1213_002I meant to write “The Lines Blur” but Lives works too.

I wanted to offer an apology, but that doesn’t sound quite right, Maybe more of an explanation. Most of us keep our RL and SL two separate things. Few people reveal their real selves. For me, it is getting harder to keep them separate. RL keeps kicking in the door and it is affecting my SL.

For some of you old timers, you may remember this… 7 years ago, Flynn was diagnosed with Myelodysplastic Syndrome (MDS). It is a rare blood failure disease… cancer actually, that if left untreated progresses to AML (leukemia) and death. Although there are a variety of ways to treat it, the only treatment that offers a cure is a Stem Cell (Bone Marrow) transplant. In SL, he worked with RFL, promoted causes for the American Cancer Society, and stem cell research, to name a few. At the time, he told a few people about it, but didn’t make it into a big deal.

When he was diagnosed, we went to Seattle to a pre-eminent center that works with MDS. They wanted to go to transplant treatment immediately. They believed in treating it very aggressively. Unfortunately the survival rates at that time weren’t very good. Flynn felt that he was not prepared to go into immediate treatment. We sought a second opinion on treatment. We went to another very highly regarded center in St. Louis. Although the treatment was the same, the doctor there felt that the quality of life you have before and after treatment is extremely important. More over, Flynn was relatively healthy. He was young. This doctor did not feel that immediate invasive treatment was necessary. That we could wait until it appeared to be necessary, that treating it immediately would not increase his survival rates any more than waiting, as long as we caught it before it transformed into AML (that is the tricky part).

So we waited. Typically, this proceeds from diagnosis to end (either treatment or death) within 2 years. Some of you may be scanning back. Yes, I did say diagnosis was 7 years ago. Flynn never does anything in the typical fashion. Why should this be any different? While we waited, he decided that in order to fight this, he needed to be in the best health possible.  I used to joke that he went “granola”. In actuality, he started eating only organic whole foods, receiving acupuncture, practicing Taiji, Qigong, meditation. He credits this to stabilizing his cancer for seven years. Although chinese medicine cannot cure MDS it can compliment the treatment of it.

So, we waited, and lived, and played, and waited. Since this is a blood failure issue, what happens is the blood cells start to stop maturing fully. Dumbed down science lesson: red blood cells carry oxygen to all the parts of your body, platelets cause the blood to clot in wounds, white blood cells fight infection. Oddly, all three come from the same stem cell, they just turn into the blood types that are needed. When the blood cells can’t mature these things stop happening. Over time, as the disease progresses, the ability of the blood cells to mature gets worse and worse. You get tired easily, simple cuts bleed like crazy, you bruise easily, and you catch every damn bug that you come across (and they become very hard to fight off).

But like I said, Flynn was healthy, so setbacks were minor and able to be over come.

Until the end of 2012. Suddenly, he was catching one virus right after another, with out having the chance to really recover in between. His blood counts were terrible. They could have been worse. Some people become transfusion dependent. They get blood and/or platelet transfusions several times a week. Luckily, Flynn has never got to that point. But he was sick, it felt like, all the time. We were in the hospital several times. He is in the hospital right now, because he developed a fever and a fever is a big no-no, since he is unable to fight off infection. So anyway, when we went to see his doctor in St. Louis in January, he said it was time. We got a lot of extra years that most people don’t get. But let’s not push our luck.

On February 27th, Flynn will be admitted to the hospital to begin treatment. That treatment is eight days of intense chemotherapy. That is to basically kill of all the growing cells in his body. Sounds barbaric, doesn’t it? Then he gets a couple days rest. After that they infuse him with donor stem cells. That is the transplant. Then we wait and pray that the new cells and his body decide to play nicely with each other and live in harmony. The new stem cells become his and teach his body/marrow how to produce good healthy blood cells that mature fully and do their job and keep him alive. Only after it looks like the new cells have accepted their new home and start giving him some immunity again will they release him from the hospital (about 30 days). Then he has to stay within 20 minutes of the hospital for another 30 days, just in case. We live 120 miles away, going home is not an option. So we have to rent a place to stay for those 30+ days.

The good news about waiting so long, other than just the extra years we got, is that the medical field has made great strides in the transplant process and outcomes are much more favorable than they were 7 years ago. That means Flynn has a better chance of fighting this thing and surviving.

(Are you still reading this? God bless you!)

So what does all this have to do with SL? It means that my RL plate has become so full, that I haven’t had as much time for SL. I haven’t surfed in, it feels like forever. I don’t get to log in everyday. I am not able to put together the variety and quantity of posts I want for Surf Side. The next two weeks are going to be jammed with Flynn and me trying to get ready to move to St. Louis for 2 or more months.

I will post and report on the goings on as often as I can, but honestly, not as often as I used to. The good news is that this is temporary. When we have gotten over this hump and Flynn is truly on the path to recovery and remission, I plan to be back bigger and badder than ever, to annoy you with my surf blathering.

On that note, I will stop… a couple of great places to visit if you haven’t already are Kantbe Thursday’s blog, Kantbe Serious, and Sunshine Zhangson’s blog Sol Existence. But I am not going anywhere, I will just be a little scarce for a while.

Thank you to everyone for reading and supporting me and my blog. And to everyone who has been made aware of Flynn’s situation and what we are facing, thank you from the bottom of my heart for your love, kind words, support and positive energy. If you would like to follow our journey in RL, you can check out our blog from real life chronicling this adventure, Just Flow.

If you want to do something, to make a difference, to save a life, consider being a bone marrow donor. Registration is easy-peasy. Be the Match. It’s also a great place to get more information on the diseases and the treatments.

Mahalo and much Aloha,


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Call for Candidates – SLSA Director Elections

SLSA+logo1as posted on the SL Surfing Association (SLSA) forum and group notices:

As per the SLSA Constitution, we will be having a General Election to fill 2 Board of Director positions. The election is scheduled to be held on March 1st, 2013.

If you would like to help keep your SLSA running, please consider standing for election as an SLSA director. As with all Director positions, the term duration will be 6 months, in this case from March 1, 2013 until Aug 31st, 2013. Applications should be turned in between February 9th and February 16th.

If you wish to stand as a director, please create a note-card (IM’s cannot be accepted) in-world, stating: your name, your willingness and ability to serve a full term, any affiliations of team, product or sim ownership, and a paragraph or two outlining your background, and your vision for the SLSA.

Send the note-card to all of the current sitting directors; Xander Datura, Willowwynn, Sally LaSalle, iLaurenB, and Cierra Theriac .

Director Eligibility is outlined in the SLSA constitution Section 2.2

Good luck and thank you for supporting YOUR association.

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SLSA Braata Surf Registration Open

SLSA+logo1You can now register for the first event in the 2013 Season One Second Life Surfing Association’s (SLSA) competitions.

Place: Braata Surf Beach
Dates: February 16th (Open) and February 23rd (Pro) at 11:00 AM SLT
Wave: Action Maverick
Board: HP5

You can register by visiting the SLSA Forums. Registration will be open until midnight SLT, Tuesday, February 12th. There must be at least 30 people registered, for the both the Open and the Pro to be held. If less than 30 people register the events will be combined into one to be held on February 23rd. Top 20 ranked surfers (from the previous season), you still need to register! Your registration into the event is not automatic. This event is open to any SLSA member, even if you have never competed before (you will be competing in the Open event).

Full event rules can be found on the SLSA Wiki.


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