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Bundy Reef Benefit Concert + More

This Saturday August 19th, we will be having a benefit concert day plus more for Bundy Reef.

You all are what keeps this place going!

There will be a live concert from Tauri Tigerpaw starting in at 11am SLT.

From 10am – 2pm SLT we will be having a wave competition.  Several loaner surfboards will be available.

You don’t have to be an experienced SL surfer, you just need to want to get out on the waves and have some fun.

How many waves can you catch?

Mark your calendars!


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Sons of Beaches

So, the surfing competition season is over for now.  You’ve been practicing hard to get ready and going from one competition venue to another.  Now you’re ready to just hang out on a beach and surf for fun.  But where to go?  How do you find those beaches you don’t already know about just to try something different?

You can use the built-in search within your SL browser and look for places that have “surf” or “surfing” in their description.  You’ll find tons!  Tons of places where they use that as a  search keyword to attract visitors but don’t have anything close to surfable waves.

You can use the Linden Labs Destination Guide and look in the Surfing category.  While there are only 7 places listed at the time of this writing, they are at least going to be sims that actually offer surfing.  If you own a sim, or can post Events for a surfing sim, you might consider submitting your venue for inclusion in the Destination Guide.  This may be the first place someone new to the surfing community may look.

Surfing TP Board_001Clairebear (tclairetbeart.aeon) has also been providing at no charge a Surfing Community Teleport Board dedicated to surfing sims.  It uses a backend database to communicate location information to other teleport boards that are scattered around SL.  Surfing sims that set up these boards can then become teleportation hubs to other surfing sims who set up these boards.  The current version of the board supports up to 40 sims.  The board currently has 19 surfing spots.  Any sim that has a board can take you to any other sim with a board, but Claire’s place makes for a good starting point.  If you have a surfing spot and would like a teleport board, just IM Claire inworld and she can send you a “kit”.

Sim List SignA less sophisticated approach is picking up a notecard list of surfing sims that was begun years ago by Socks Clawtooth (2009, I think) and published by SurfWatch.  The list is maintained on roughly a monthly basis and each sim is verified to be running surfable waves at the time it’s published.  As of the July 2016 list, it has 74 surfing sims.

A number of surfing sim owners have the list available, such as El Diablo.  The most current copies are always made available in the shark warning sign on beaches at Solace Dreams by the board rezzers, close to the Hall of Fame building, and at a rental hut that’s off by itself on a little island as well as the one on Bluff Cove by the board rezzers and TP Board.

Any of these sources should help find some fun places to surf.  Enjoy your between competition season time and get out there and surf!!!!

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Featured Public Surfing Sim – Kauai Surf Sim – Home of Mano Squad

Your inept, wait, that’s intrepid reporter cornered another unsuspecting surfing sim owner and finagled another interview.  This time, I caught up with Twstd Mano (some of you may know her by her maiden name, Ruggles) about her newly modified and reopened Kauai Surf Sim, now the home of the surfing team, Mano Squad.  Twstd was kind enough to sit down and chat for a few minutes for a few minutes while taking a break from her estate duties.Kauai Sea Shells

KT:  What public surfing sims do you have?

TM:  Kauai Surf Sim – Home of Mano Squad.

We also have Oahu Vacation Resort with limited room for surfing.

KT:  Can you tell the readers a little about why you decided to create a surfing sim?

TM:  Well i have had both islands for  8 years and have done different things with them.  It was time for a change on Kauai and since i just recently join the SLSA and me and my husband Slade Mano and his brother Austin Mano decided to start new team and surf sim.

KT:  How long has it been in SL?

TM:  Over  8 years

KT:  What types of waves do you tend to run these days?

TM:  We have the Monster and the California running in rotation.

Kauai Beach

KT:   Are you a surfer in either RL or SL?

TM:  Just SL.

KT:  Are there any special surfing or design features you’d like to tell the readers?

TM:  Well we are open to making changes to switch things up to make it more challenging and we currently are providing surf board rezzers for SSI Long,SSI Short, LSD and C3.

KT:   Is there anything else about your sim(s) you’d like to tell the readers?

Kauai FallsTM:   We are 7 year old sim and there is a vacation resort next door.  Rustic Wave mainstore is on our sim and  we do have some small surf shacks on Kauai but bigger variety next door in Oahu. In honor of our old surf team we have named the area slated for judges area during comps “Tsunami Threesome Rock”.  Its our way to pay tribute to our old team captain. ;]

KT:   Do you have any other regions in SL that aren’t related to surfing?  If so, can you tell us a little about them?

TM:  We have Oahu Vacation Resort next door, SL’s number 1 vacation resort  providing residents with an all inclusive vacation experience for over 8 years.

KT:  Thank you so much for your time.

Beachwear:  Sharkbite Bikini Butterfly Bikini – Noire (mesh/Omega applier)

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Featured Public Surfing Venue – Island Sea Dreams

Surf Side begins another series describing a few of the Second Life public surfing sims from the list of those compiled and made available the the SL Surfing Association’s home sim, Solice Dreams.  In this post, Island Sea Dreams is being featured and it’s owner, Connie Decosta was gracious enough to sit down for a few minutes for the following interview:


courtesy of JT Castanea

SS:  What public surfing sims do you have?

Connie: Island Sea Dreams – Palma de Majorca

SS:  Can you tell the readers a little about why you decided to create a surfing sim in the first place, and how ISD is different from what you’ve done in the past?

Connie Decosta

Connie Decosta

Connie:  My real home has always been on the beach and to share this feeling with those that may not be so lucky is beautiful.  I treasure what I have and if one other person can obtain a peace inside or enjoy the surfing  experience then I’m happy.  ISD this time round is just the one homestead. Like the last it does have a small jungle feel about it but it’s more about the waves and making sure they run smoothly. – no lag

SS:  How long has it been in SL?

Connie:  This sim has been around for years under ownership of JT [Castanea] and recently renamed Island Sea Dreams about a month ago.

SS:  What types of waves do you tend to run these days?

Connie:  Currently running – 2 sets of Maoli freestyle. 2 monster waves across the width of the sim (what a long ride that one is hehehe) & 2 Tahiti waves, 2 curlys.  Trying to paddle to the bouy is the challenge.  It’s a good work out for those that love a challenge.

SS:  Are you a surfer in either RL or SL?

Connie:  I grew up on the ocean.  My first real surfboard was a 4 fine fever.  It’s a shorter board and omg does it carve it up on the smaller waves.  I was 8 when I took to the water on the waves.  SL surfing I love it and do not compete.  I competed in real from the age of 8 to 21 doing the iron woman thing and eating my weetbix. lol

SS:  Are there any special surfing or design features you’d like to tell the readers?

Connie:  I am trying to capture the reality of waves as much as possible.  Every wave is different and the timing has been changed on each set.  So every time a set runs you could get something different from the last set.  It’s great challenge.

SS:  Is there anything else about your sim(s) you’d like to tell the readers (e.g., availability of other recreational areas, shops, home rentals, etc.)?

Connie:  No rentals this time.  I have Global Surf Treaty for new surfers – the school camp will open soon.  There is a path the ISD_001 ISD_002full length of the sim where you ride ya bike etc, hang out with friends round the fire.  There is an off sim hut – you can sit out there with friends but you have to IM in private as you’re off sim.  Great little hidden hangout.

SS:  Do you have any other regions in SL that aren’t related to surfing?  If so, can you tell us a little about them?

Connie:  Currently No other sims.  I did own a lot of land on the mainland where I had my clothing and jewelry stores.  These are all closed now days.  I just love enjoying my surfing and hanging with my best friends. ISD_003

SS:  Thank you so much for your time, Connie.


Bikini – Faboo Teal Wraparound

Beach skirt – Maoli Green Beachskirt

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Lavender Moon Shots (Kantbe Serious here?)

Hey, y’all.  Probably not expecting to see a post from me here, but there was a whispered breeze that went across both sides of the Rockies to Cie and me.  We can’t be certain, but is sure sounded like Tauri Tigerpaw whispering, “Kantbe needs to post on Surf Side…. Kantbe needs to post on Surf Side… Kantbe…”

As y’all, know, like E.F. Hutton, when Tauri speaks, one listens…

So here we are.  For those of you who haven’t read my stuff before, let me explain a little.  A reporter I’m not.  While Tauri and Cie have strict guidelines to adhere to and report the truth, I’m not especially bound by such constraints.  Sometimes, I might have a tendency to misrepresent, er, stretch the facts just a smidgen if I find the truth just a little too boring.  You know, I’m kind of like an American big media journalist or politician (my sincerest apologies to any American big media journalist or politician reading this whom I may have offended… if you weren’t offended, never mind).  By all means, please feel free to take anything I write out of context and misrepresent it.  I will.  😉

Seriously (laughing at the thought…), I’d like to tell you about a couple of surfing sims in Second Life™.  I don’t pretend to be able to write honest to goodness full fledged sim pieces like Flynn did with Blue Hole , but I would like to tell you about Lavender Moon and the new Lavender Moon 2.

Lavendar Moon Entry

As Flynn starts with his Blue Hole write up, “Vally Lavender has done it again”.  This time, she’s done it twice.  In Val’s words, “Lavender Moon is an Adult nude beach for those who want to suntan or surf in the nude.  You’ll find old school SSi triple pipes and foamies to add some nostalgia to the atmosphere.  Upon landing take the zip line to the lower beach and please do have fun.”  Watch that landing at the end of the zip line, be sure to let go before you come to an abrupt halt at the end (ouch!).

Right next door is Lavender Moon2.  This ain’t not rubber stamped duplicate of Moon by a long shot.  As Val says about this one, “Lavender Moon 2  is also an Adult beach with Maoli Dreambreak waves.  The jetties cause small waves to caress the beach as you look out to see the prettiest sunset in SL.  Dancing all over the place, hot tub, Spanish patio for posing for photos and of course the LAVA LOUNGE for live entertainment or dancing to your choice of music.”  I did try working out a bit on the chin bar, but I’m clearly more of a hanging out on a lounger type than a Muscle Beach girl.

Be sure and check them out.  Nice builds and interesting views.


Lavendar Moon Surf

Lavendar Moon2 Lava Lounge

Lava Lounge

Hang'n at Lavendar Moon2

Hang’n out

Lavendar Moon 2 Sunset


[Bathing suit:  Sharkbite Tassie Fire, available inworld and on MarketPlace]

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