Surfing Second Life™. We cover news and events in the surfing communities of Second Life. Your feedback is very much appreciated. Anything we should know? Suggestions for us? Contact us!

Who are “we”? Cierra Theriac is a competitive surfer and former SLSA Director in Second Life. Flynn Sheridan is a retired surfer and founder of SLSA.

Contact Cierra in-world (IMs go to email) or at cierra_theriac(at)yahoo(dot)com.


14 responses to “About

  1. Valium Lavender

    Well seems I am the only one posting responses so I say to the rest – Get off your Bums and interact with this site! Seriously I just wanted to say I love this blog. It is being operated by two of the most knowledable surfers Second Life has ever had. Flynn has all the history and Cierra is out in the “trenches” so to speak surfing her heart out and gathering info for the blog. Congratulations to the both of you.

  2. Congratulation from very very far away 🙂 Finally … a sl blog that looks clean in design, use pictures in the right size and format and talk about surfing in sl and not about puppy-fashion-fancydancy-b.s. as in … (shut up doxx…. ) … hey great work and respect for the enthusiasm ! keep on riding.

  3. Just ran across this site when I added a long ago surfer friend in FB … I left SL in 2010 but still watch the blogs and what’s happening. I knew Flynn way back in 2006 and was surfing with Thor and others on the first ever meet lol I royally screwed up so the next competition they made me be the ‘Beach Marshal’ LOL anywhos… This is very nice site Cierra! Good luck and rip those waves! Sunbeam “Jewell” Magic
    Ps. So excited to see Montego team in top five and Sunrize Mornington number three of top top surfers… way to go!!!! Happy New Year VW Surfers everywhere!

  4. Nico

    Outstanding community spot light. If you want to see everything relevant in second life surfing, this is your source. Keep up the outstanding coverage I am grateful for your efforts, Thank you

  5. Just discovered Surfside and am happy to say that this will be added to my daily blog viewing schedule. Thank you for such a clean and nicely arranged forum!

  6. Monq Pinklady Mapp

    Amazing Blog! Love it all !

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