Surf Spots

List compiled by Kantbe Thursday and Socks Clawtooth
Who are we missing? Let us know!

** THE BEACH ** Rezzing Area
*ATWF – Among The WildFlowers* – The Forgotten Island
*Baja Cove*
-Baja Norte-
aloha Beach
Aquila III – Rez Zone!
BananaZ BeachClub
Black Basalt Beach
Bluff Cove
Breakers III
BS’s Bring a Friend & Stay Awhile
Bumrose – Adult Beach
Cannibal Island
Cape San Blas Beach
Chi ~ a portal gateway that awaits you ~ Chi
Cloud Nine Beach
El Diablo – Rez Area by Surf Etiquette sign on beach
Fruit Islands Public Beach & Surfing Area
Jaguar National Park – Race Track, Surfing, Exploring
Japanese Waterfront Marina !! 380 BLIZZARD LAGOON
Kona Beach And Surfing
LaZy DaZe Surf Beach
Lights & Sirens * Surfing Rez-Zone
Lily Beach
Ma Ohi Beach Resort
Maoli Waves & Ramps – Mainstore and Beach
Nadi’s Sensual Nights(Island Resort&Beach Club)
Nara Surf Reserve
Nuki-Nuki Surf Shop – Surfboards – EPIC Wave Surfing Beach
Ocean Shores Surf Beach
Pink Lady Castle
Rasta Sand – surf, chill, have some ice cream
Seabreeze -Adult Human avis only
Shangri-La Nude Beach & D/s Retreat
Sharktooth Beach Club & Mall LIVE MUSIC & SURFING
SLSA Surfing , Solace Dreams (116, 25, 21)
Su Casa Naturist
Surf @ Pirate Point Break – Publ, Pirate Point Break (53, 117,
Surf Beach (JAWs) Univ Hawaii
Surfing Zone Action Come Surf the MAVERICK !!!!
Surfside Hideaway-Beach-rezzing zone
Sweet as Honey Surf Beach & Resort
Teahupo’o – World Class Surfing, Teahupo’o (103, 12, 21)
The Dreamer’s Island – Surf & Nude beach
The Infinite Islands
The Lovelace Institute Aquila III Research Station
TiKi LOUNGE & TiKi TATTOO, Tiki Tattoo Cove (33, 167, 21
Tsunami Beach
Via Paraiso (190, 158, 21)
Whiplash Custom Rides Surf Beach and Resort
Wildchilds Beach Club
Women Only

2 responses to “Surf Spots

  1. Anonymous

    I think it would really be cool if Tsunami Beach was added 😉

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