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SLSA Bluff Cove C-3 Pro Results

Big thank you to all for accepting the challenge, coming out and making the event a success.

Dates: September 26th (Pro)
Venue: Bluff Cove … 127/205/27
Wave: Maoli Freestyle & Swell
Board: C-3 v2 (Personal or Rezzer, long or short)


1st Neptune   15.83
2nd Roxyangel 14.33
3rd Kr1st3n 13.83
4th Toni Justice 12.66
4th Ronan Blake 12.66
6th JohnnyWhadd 12.33


Semi Final 1
Toni Justice 13.16**
Bri Graycloud  12.33
Kr1st3n 15.00*
Jims Destiny 9.33

Semi Final 2
Neptune 16.50*
JohnnyWhadd 13.33**
Mike 12.33
Cierra Theriac 9.83

Semi Final 3
Roxyangel 13.16**
Moira 11.00
Ronan Blake 13.33*
Maldrul Morris  12.66


Heat 1
Ronan Blake 12.66**
Brad Fresh 9.33
Missy Lovesu 11.33
Toni Justice 13.00*
Ophelia Merrryyman 11.33

Heat 2
Neptune01 16.16*
Kr1st3n 15.00**
Mick Lunasea 8.50
Jims Destiny 12.66**
Mike 14.00**

Heat 3
Roxyangel 12.83*
Sally LaSalle 11.16
Lanky Silvercloud DNC
Rachel Emodemon 10.83
Annie Panties 10.66

Heat 4
Petra Xaris 11.83
Giavannamarie Melody 12.00
Bri Graycloud 12.50*
Daphne Yardleyy-Wayward 6.67
Viktor (viktormarkov) DNC

Heat 5
Harbor Piers DNC
Reigndrop 11.66
JohnnyWhadd 12.83*
Cierrra Theriac 12.66**
Maryann Maa DNC

Heat 6
Moira (venera74) 12.50*
Maldrul Morris 12.16**
Aquadoc 10.83
Curshaw MacTagairt 7.00
Epiphany Kattun DNC


Event Coordinator – Robbin Ember
Head Judge – Bobbi Laval
Judge – JT Castanea
Judge – Connie (Countess Decosta)
Marshal – Roxy/Neptune/Cierra
Security- Flynn
DJ – Reigndrop

Rashies – Gia Melody
Trophies – Cierra Theriac


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Registration Opens for SLSA Bluff Cove C-3 Competition

SLSA+logo1Registration has opened for the SLSA Bluff Cove series, the second stop for Season 2 of 2015!

Dates: September 19th (Open) & 26th (Pro) at 1:00 pm SLT
Venue: Bluff Cove … 127/205/27
Wave: Maoli Freestyle & Swell
Board: C-3 v2 (Personal or Rezzer, long or short)

Registration is open until noon SLT, Wednesday, September 16th. Register on the SLSA Forums.

There must be at least 30 people registered, for both the Open and the Pro to be held. If less than 30 people register the events will be combined into one to be held on September 26th. Top 20 ranked surfers you still need to register! Your registration into the event is not automatic. This event is open to any SLSA member, even if you have never competed before (you will be competing in the Open event). If you are new to the SLSA, you will need to join the SLSA group and the SLSA Forums.

Please note: Registration has been extended an extra 12 hours to accommodate more time zones. But there isn’t a reason to delay, get over to the forums and get your registration in ASAP!

Competition has been scheduled for 1:00 pm SLT.

Full event rules can be found on the SLSA Wiki.

Also, if you would be interested in working the event, contact any SLSA director.

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SLSA Bundy Reef Pro Results

SLSA+logo1Date – Aug 29th  at 11:00 AM SLT
Venue – Bundy Reef
Board – SSi Longboard (rezzer or personal)
Wave – Epic Lite

1st Neptune 17.33
2nd Roxy 16.00
3rd Ronan 15.33
4th Petra 15.16
5th Moira 14.83
6th Harbor 13.50

Note: last position for finals was a three-way tie resulting in a surf-off – Moira advanced

Semi Final 1
Neptune 16.00*
Ronan 14.83**
Moira 14.00**
Sally 13.83
Gia 13.33

Semi Final 2
Roxy 14.33*
Petra 14.16**
Brad 14.00
following 13.00

Semi Final 3
Harbor 14.50*
Kristen 14.00
Maldrul 12.50
Reign 12.00
Mick 11.33

Note: Levy was unable to compete in Semi-Finals, tied Stand-bys Reign and Mick qualified

Heat 1
Neptune 16.16*
Petra 15.00**
Aquadoc 11.16
Rachel 9.33
Nyahamalys 8.83
Daphne 8.33

Heat 2
Kristen 14.00**
Roxy 14.50*
Missy 11.83
Following 13.33**
Carlyle 10.16

Heat 3
Levy (austimus1) 14.33*
Ronan 14.33*
Mick 12.55
Lanky 12.33
Moira 12.66**

Heat 4
Johnny 10.00
Brad 13.00*
Toni 9.00
Bri 11.50
Jims 9.33

Heat 5
Harbor 14.50*
Maldrul 12.66**
Reign 12.50
Bodhi DNS
Gia 13.33**

Heat 6
Sally 13.66*
Mike DQ
Zack DNS
Slade (luis025) DNS


EC: Daphne/Petra/Mal
Marshal: Roxy/Neptune/Reign
HJ: Cierra Theriac
J: Rayzza Rubble
J: Flynn Sheridan
Security: Robbin Ember/Sally LaSalle
DJ: Tom Box

Event Rules can be found here.

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