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Liquid Shaman Surfing Competition

On Sunday, September 2nd, Liquid Shaman Resorts hosted a surfing competition. It was a freestyle competition where each surfer was given 60 seconds to show off their stuff. The wave was an SSi Pipe and the board was surfer’s choice. There were 11 competitors shredding up the waves. Most were on SSi’s, long and short, but a few whipped out their HP5s and LSD. Winners were chosen by vote of the spectators.

The top three surfers were awarded cash prizes.

1. Bobbi Laval
2. Sunrize Mornington
3. Willowwynn

Liquid Shaman is a series of sims, where surfing can be found here, featuring a large variety of fun activities including a dance club, a live concert area, and runway shows. They also film a Comedy Series called Club Yes and SL Travel Show. According to dial Terr, “The beach is way more then a surf location. It also has hidden locations that visitors can find. These spots are hidden through out  our underwater Scuba Diving maze. The hidden areas include a trip to galaxy’s far away and a Secret Garden.”

Thanks to dial Terr for all the information. All his photos from the competition can be found on Photobucket. One of their videos featuring the competition is on LiquidShaman’s Vimeo page.


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SLSA Rankings Updated

The SLSA has updated the individual and team rankings after the competition at Tsunami Beach. The full list can be found on the SLSA Forums. The short list is in the sidebar to the right.

Check out the 3-way tie for number 1! It’s a good thing we are one big happy family, because this season’s competition is shaping up to be something fierce.

Happy Surfing!

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SLSA Tsunami Beach Pro Results

Chatter has it that it was a great comp and a wonderful time was had by all. And just look at those scores! Outstanding! I am sorry to have missed it.

1st Bobbi Laval- 17.83
1st Figger Arun- 17.83
2nd Abel Halderman- 17.66
3rd Wilfrid DeCuir- 17.00
4th Pova Rustamova- 16.83
5th Sally LaSalle- 15.66

Semi-Final 1
Ignacio Pevensey- 16.16
Abel Halderman- 16.66
Bobbi Laval- 17.66
Wifrid DeCuir- 17.16

Semi-Final 2
Pova Rustamova- 16.50
Imzadi Amaterasu- 15.66
Lanky Silvercloud- 12.16
Lourinho Nizna- 13.16

Semi-Final 3
Figger Arun- 16.50
Mick Lunasea- 10.33
Sally LaSalle- 16.83
Petra Xaris- 13.83

Heat 1
Wilfrid DeCuir- 15.50
Figger Arun- 15.83
Graxis Darnova- 14.50
Lyn Naveah- 14.50
Damiana Babcock- 14.50
Curshaw MacTagairt- 9.33

Heat 2
ooooLuca0000 – DNS
Pova Rustamova- 16.83
Sally LaSalle- 16.66
Sarah Pevensey- 8.17
Jen Gustafson- 13.00
Aurora Jacks- 15.00

Heat 3
Bobbi Laval- 17.66
Ignacio Pevensey- 18.00
Lourinho Nizna- 15.83
Sunrize Mornington- 15.16
Robbin Ember- 14.83
selina Otsuka- DNS

Heat 4
ilaurenb – 15.00
Ashoka Mosely- 12.00
Dax Verlaine- DNS
Abel Halderman- 15.50
nicolette1nico2- 13.33

Heat 5
Willowwynn – 14.66
Terruce Chau- 9.67
Petra Xaris- 15.83
Imzadi Amaterasu- 16.50
Lanky Silvercloud- 16.33

Heat 6
Colleen Brennan- 11.66
Mick Lunasea- 15.50
Melian Catronis- 12.66
Rick Galli- 13.83
Jordan Mendle- 14.33

Event Coordinators: Melian Catronis/Bobbi Laval
Head Judge: Xander Datura
Judge: Revlon Benoir
Judge: Valium Lavender
Marshals: Mick Lunasea/Robbin Ember
Security: MaryAnn Maa
DJ: Sierra Sugar
Trophies: Bobbi Laval
Rashies: Imzadi Amaterasu

Thanks to Xander for sending me the results!  

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So How Does This SLSA Competition Thing Work?

What seems like such a simple thing can get confusing for new and old surfers alike. You just show up, get on your board, and ride the wave, right?

Yes, but there is a little more that goes into it in order to keep the competitions running smoothly and most of all fun! Virtual world competitions are not set up the same way as RL competitions. First off, we don’t have a week to dedicate to the event. We all have real lives, you know? So there are event rules set up to keep everything running like a well-oiled machine.

For SLSA competitions this is how it goes. Number one – You have to be a member of the SLSA. Just join the group. That’s all there is to it. No fees, no dues. One group slot is all it costs you. Number two- you have to join the SLSA forums.  Why? Two reasons. First, you can keep your eyes open for an announcement for an upcoming competition.  Next… How do you register for a comp? That’s simple, look for the Competition Registration thread and sign up.

There are 2 parts to the event – the Open and the Pro. The Open and the Pro are held on two consecutive weekends. The Pro is for anyone who is ranked in the top 20 (and remembers to register for the competition). The Open is for everyone else. But it is not a guarantee that both the Open and the Pro will be held. If more than 30 surfers register prior to the registration deadline, then both will be held. If 30 or less surfers register, then the two are combined into one event to be held on the date scheduled for the Pro. With me so far?

After everyone is registered, the head judge makes up the heat draws. That is who surfs when and what color jersey (or rashie as we call them) you wear. Shortly before the event the competition organizers send out a notice with the heat draws and a “comp pack”. Inside your comp pack you will find all the possible color combinations of rashies they will use and several note cards full of information about what is going on. Sometimes you find extra goodies too!

Okay so now you are registered and have received your heat draw. What is this heat business anyway? Well, the heats are the group of surfer you will be out on the water with. This can vary from 3-6 surfers depending on how many people have registered and what heat it is. So how do the SLSA  organizers figure out how the heats are set up?  Again the Open and Pro are a little different.

In the Open event, when there are between 11 and 14 surfers registered, surfers are divided into 3 heats.  If there are 15 or more surfers registered, then it is divided into 5 heats.  Part of the Open event is deciding who gets to advance to the Pro event the next weekend. In an Open with less then 15 surfers, the surfers with the 10 top scores in the preliminary heats advance. When there are more than 15  surfers, then winner of each heat and the next top five scorers advance to the Pro event.  Surfers who do not automatically advance are put on “stand-by” for the Pro event, in the order of how they scored, to fill in for any surfers who qualified  and registered for the Pro event, but are unable to surf.

Okay… how does heat set up work in the Pro event? In a Pro event, there should be 30 surfers. They are divided into 6 heats of 5 surfers.  These are the preliminary heats. There is also semi-final heats and then the final heat to determine the winners. In the preliminary heats, the winner of each heat advances to the semi-finals. Then the next top 6 scoring surfers across all heats also advance to the semi-finals. You have to keep your eye on the scoreboard to see who is in the running for those top 6 six scores.  The semi-finals are 3 heats of 4 surfers (12 total). The winner of each semi-final advances to the finals, and then the next 3 top scorers advance. So, we now have 6 surfers in the finals. Winners are naturally then determined by order of scores in the finals.

Still with me? Good.

Scores.  Scores are awarded by the judges. There is a head judge and 2 additional judges. They each give a score for each surfer for each wave.  Surfers get three waves and the two highest scores are then added together. For example, let’s say you get a 5.0 6.5 and a 7.o. The 5.0 is dropped. Your score for that heat is then 13.5.

How are those scores determined? A surfer can receive between a 0.5 and 10.0 for each wave.  Each judge determines how well the surfer performed on that wave. There are guidelines on how to score them, but as with everything in life the guidelines are subjective. More about this in a second.  Scores are broken down into 3 categories; style and control are worth 4 points, tricks are worth 4 points, and length of ride is worth 2 points. To receive the best possible score, a surfer has to blend a good combination of all three categories. For example, style and control is very subjective, but each judge scores consistently throughout a competition based on their interpretation of style and control. Typically, the judges are competition surfers, so they know what the tricks are and their degree of difficulty, this is less subjective. Length of ride is purely objective, did the surfer stay on the wave until the end, and did they belly. This isn’t the olympics and we don’t have instant replay, so don’t get upset with the judges. They are doing their best and are consistently fair. After 5 years of being part of SLSA, as a surfer, a judge, and in other roles, judging has always been the most consistent part of a SLSA competition.

And that is pretty much it. Actually it’s not that complicated… basically you show up, pay attention, follow directions, ask questions, have fun!

Most of all have fun!. There is always a party in the event stands. And being out on the water with your heat buddies is always a good time.


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Letter from the Editor

Aloha and Welcome! I am happy to have you here. Today is a day of mixed blessings. The official launch of Surf Side and the final day for SurfWatch.

It was with great sadness that I learned that SurfWatch would not be continuing to post. Before I joined the staff as the SLSA corespondent, I read SurfWatch everyday.  I eagerly awaited each new post just to see what it could be. Sometimes I got optimistic and would check back 2 or 3 or 6 times a day, just to make sure there wasn’t something new. I always knew I could trust that SurfWatch would have the latest news posted right away.

The staff was given a heads up before today. Thank you Tauri for being so professional and kind to all of us. And thank you for always encouraging me. Your enthusiasm made working for SurfWatch truly enjoyable. With this announcement, I was… oh I don’t have the right word… but where would I get my In on the surfing world, what would I read, oh my god, where would I post? The brief time that I was with SurfWatch, I got addicted to getting SLSA news out and getting it out ASAP!

The answer was obvious, as Flynn (Sheridan) pointed out to me… Start your own blog!  So I did. And here it is.

I hope to cover all the latest events in this surfing community we all have created. I may need your help, so I don’t miss anything. I hope to try to get creative and add some fun pieces on sims and waves and boards and other surfy/beachy stuff.  My main goal is to provide information for the surfing community about things surfing related. Flynn is my partner in this and co-editor. Look for some opinion pieces from him on occasion. And videos!

We can never replace SurfWatch. But I hope maybe we can help fill in the hole, at least a little, they left behind.

It is easiest for me to cover SLSA news, but there is no way I can magically know everything that is going on.  Non-SLSA competitions, new sims, new waves, new designers… you get the idea. So if you hear of anything, please let me know.

You can contact me anytime. Send me an IM in-world. My IMs go to email, so I get them right away. You can also email me directly at

I want this blog to be here for you. (Please let someone read this!) I hope we can enjoy this adventure together! So bookmark us, and keep checking in.



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SLSA Tsunami Beach Pro Heat Draws

Tsunami Pro Heat Draws
Date: Saturday, September 22, 2012, 11:00am SL Time (check in for heat 1 10:45am)
Place Tsunami Beach
Wave: Sunset
Board: SSi Longboard

Heat 1
Wilfrid DeCuir (RED)
Figger Arun (BLUE)
Graxis Darnova (GREEN)
Rachel Emodemon (ORANGE)
Damiana Babcock (PURPLE)
Katielove Adored (BLACK)

Heat 2
0000Luca0000  (RED)
Pova Rustamova (BLUE)
Sally LaSalle (GREEN)
Sarah’s Wirefly (ORANGE)
Jen Gustafson (PURPLE)
Aurora Jacks (BLACK)

Heat 3
Bobbi Laval (RED)
Ignacio pevensey (BLUE)
Lourinho Nizna (GREEN)
Sunrize Mornington (ORANGE)
Robbin Ember (PURPLE)
selina Otsuka (BLACK)

ilaurenb  (RED)
Ashoka Mosely (BLUE)
Dax Verlaine (GREEN)
Able Halderman (ORANGE)
nicolette1nico2nikki (PURPLE)

Heat 5
Willowwynn  (RED)
Terruce Chau (BLUE)
Petra Xaris (GREEN)
Imzadi Amaterasu (ORANGE)
Lanky Silvercloud (PURPLE)

Heat 6
Colleen Brennan (RED)
Mick Lunasea (BLUE)
Melian Catronis (GREEN)
Rick Galli (ORANGE)
Jordan Mendle (PURPLE)

Standby List For Pro Event:
Valium Lavender
Followingwaves Sirbu

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SLSA Tsunami Beach Open Results

It was a record day at Tsunami Beach. The stands were packed with 40 people taking in the action! The surfing was tight on the twin Sunset waves. The poor judges had to deal with a slight hiccup with their judging computer in the 5 heat but rallied well. Congratulations to everyone and we will see you all back next Saturday, same bat time, same bat channel for the Pro event.

Rick Galli 12.83
Damiana Babcock 12.50
Jen Gustafson 12.16
Robbin Ember 11.83
nicolette1nico2nikki 11.33

Heat 1
Rayzza Rubble DNS
Aurora Jacks 11.66**
Valium Lavender 11.00
Buck Ghostraven DNS
nicolette1nico2nikki  12.83 *

Heat 2
Jen Gustafson 13.50 *
amatsu Dezno DNS
Skaterider Resident DNS
Revlon Benoir DNS
selina Otsuka 11.50**

Heat 3
Followingwaves Sirbu 9.17
Naveah11 Resident 10.66
Rick Galli 12.50 *
Zelda Zimberman DNS

Heat 4
Curshaw Resident  9.33
Damiana Babcock 13.16 *
Katielove Adored 12.16**
Jordan Mendle 12.50**

Heat 5
Alliejj Resident 10.83
Lanky Silvercloud  13.66**
Robbin Ember 14.00 *
Pyper Dollinger  DNS

*Heat Winner
**Top 5 Scorer after Heat winner
Advance to the Tsunami Beach Pro
Per event rules – Heat winner and top next 5 scores advance.

EC – Melian Catronis
Marshal – Cloudy Mikado
Head Judge – Bobbi Laval
Judge – Mick Lunasea
Judge – Figger Arun
DJ – Sierra Sugar
Security – Pova Rustamova

Note: Pre-qualified for the Pro Event on Saturday, September 22nd
Wilfrid DeCuir
0000Luca0000 Resident
Bobbi Laval
ilaurenb Resident
Willowwynn Resident
Colleen Brennan
Figger Arun
Pova Rustamova
Ignacio pevensey
Ashoka Mosely
Terruce Chau
Mick Lunasea
Graxis Darnova
Sally LaSalle
Lourinho Nizna
Dax Verlaine
Petra Xaris
Melian Catronis
Rachel Emodemon
Sarahs Wirefly
Sunrize Mornington
Abel Halderman
Imzadi Amaterasu

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