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SLSA 2015 Season 2 Call for Venues

SLSA+logo1posted to forums:

Want to host an SLSA competition? Of course you do!

SLSA is now taking applications from those that would like to host a competition during the 2015 Season 2 competition season (August – December).

Follow the Survey Monkey link to complete an application:

Deadline to get your application in is Tuesday, July 14th.


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Results for SLSA Bundy Reef Pro Competition


Dates – May 30th, 11am SLT
Venue – Bundy Reef
Board – SSi Longboard (5.1, 5.2, or 5.2dlg)
Wave – SSi Pipes, with rock obstacles


1st Bobbi LaSalle 19.00
2nd Becks 16.66
3rd Mike (vallely) 15.16
4th Sunrize Mornigton 14.00
5th Neptune 11.16
6th Cierra Theriac


Semi Final 1
Neptune 16.33*
Cierra Theriac 15.50**
Ronan Blake 11.50
Brad Fresh 10.83
Petra Xaris 8.67

Semi Final 2
Bobbi LaSalle 16.66*
Sunrize Mornigton 16.00**
Mike (vallely) 14.66**
Roxy 12.16

Semi Final 3
Becks 16.33*
Johnny Whadd 13.50
Maldrul Morris 12.66
Twsted Ruggles 12.66


Heat 1
Neptune01 17.83*
Cierra Theriac 12.66**
Mick Lunasea 9.00
Bobbi LaSalle 15.83**

Heat 2
Johnnywhadd 15.66**
Sunrize Mornigton 15.83*
Mike (vallely) 13.83**
Maryann Maa 12.16
Twsted Ruggles 13.50**

Heat 3
Harbor Piers 11.00
Willow Blue 7.33
Maldrul Morris 13.00*
Diamond 8.00
Destiny DNS

Heat 4
Petra Xaris 13.00*
Roxy 13.00*
Aquadoc 12.50
Rachel Emodemon 12.33
Curshaw 7.67

Heat 5
Becks 15.33*
Ronan Blake 14.00**
Reigndrop 9.83
Slade Mano 9.50
Renee Serendipity 10.33

Heat 6
Kristen 11.83
Brad Fresh 13.66*
Missylovesu Resident 9.50
Followingwaves sirbu 10.16
Toni Justices 10.50


EC- Roxy
HJ- Sally
J- Annie
J-Dax V
Marshall- Neptune/Lauren
DJ- Lana







Full event rules can be found on the SLSA Wiki.

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SLSA Bundy Reef Open Results


Dates – May 23rd
Venue – Bundy Reef
Board – SSi Longboard (5.1, 5.2, or 5.2dlg)
Wave – SSi Pipes, with rock obstacles

Bundy Reef_001


Bobbi Laval 17.50
Slade Mano 10.66
Rachel Emodenmon 8.67
Toni Justices 8.00
Maryann Maa 7.83

Heat 1
Rachel Emodenmon 9.50*
Connie Decosta DNS
Annie Panties 7.67**
Bebebluesky Warrior DNS

Heat 2
Renee Serendipity 5.57**
nataliesch DNS
Bobbi Laval 16.83*
Jim Destiny 8.50*

Heat 3
Maryann Maa 9.17*
Alvaro Pevensey DNS

Heat 4
Curshaw 5.50**
Toni Justices 7.83*
Blackmic DNS

Heat 5
Twsted Ruggles 5.50**
Slade Mano 12.33*
shannon Cardalines DNC

EC- Petra
HJ- Cierra
J- Ray
Marshall- Roxy
DJ- Johnny Whadd

Pre-quailifed for the Pro
harbor piers
petra xaris
Brad Fresh
cierra theriac
ronan Blake
sunrize mornigton
maldrul morris
missylovesu Resident.
mick Lunasea
mike (vallely)
Diamond (carbetta resident
following sirbu

Full event rules can be found on the SLSA Wiki.

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Chi Fluffy SSi Shortboard Pro Results

SLSA+logo1Fun and beautiful. What more could you ask?

When: February 28
Where: Chi
Board: SSi Shortboard
Wave: Maoli Fluffy Fun

Chi Pro_015


1st Harbor Piers 15.50
2nd Kristen 15.26
2nd Finn 15.26
4th Becka 14.83
5th Wil DeCuir 14.00
6th Sally LaSalle 13.50

Chi Pro_016

Wilfrid DeCuir 15.00*
Sally La Salle 14.00**
Neptune 13.83
Figger Arun 12.66

Harbor Piers 15.83*
Sunrize Mornington 12.33
Kristen 14.83**
Finn (austimus1) 14.50**

JohnnyWhadd 13.83
Becka Blackrain 15.50*
Zelda Zimberman 13.16
Maldrul Morris 13.16

Zelda Zimberman    13.50**
Wilfrid DeCuir         14.83*
Cierra Theriac          12.83
Ronan Blake             12.00
Fuzzy Cheeks           7.67

neptune01               14.50**
Danika Mavendorf    4.83
Harbor Piers            16.00*
Lourinho Nizna         DNS
Nico                       DNS

Kr1st3n                     13.83**
JohnnyWhadd             14.16*
bradfresh                 12.00
jadeeast                    DNS
Reigndrop                12.83

Petra Xaris                    12.83
Sally LaSalle                   13.338
WillowWynn Resident     11.83
Zack Tillman                 10.33
Maldrul Morris              13.00**

Roxyangel007                12.66
Sunrize Mornington        13.16*
austimus1                       13.00**
Magnus                          12.50
Aquadoc                        10.50

Becka Blackrain            15.16*
Mick Lunasea                 9.67
missylovesu Resident    10.66
Figger Arun                   13.16**
nataliesch                      9.50

Event Coordinator – Summerrain Garnet
Marshals – Neptune and Roxy
Head Judge – Bobbi Laval
Judge – Robbin Ember
Judge – Shannon Cardalines
Security – Sally LaSalle

*Pro events surfers advance from Pro preliminary heats to the Pro semi-finals by winning their Pro heat or by scoring in the top 6 surfers who did not win their Pro heat. I

Full event rules can be found on the SLSA Wiki.

Chi Pro_001

Chi Pro_002

Chi Pro_003

Chi Pro_004

Chi Pro_005

Chi Pro_006

Chi Pro_007

Chi Pro_008

Chi Pro_009

Chi Pro_010

Chi Pro_011


Chi Pro_013

Chi Pro_014

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Meet Your SLSA Board of Director Candidates

SLSA+logo1posted on the SLSA forums

An election for 3 SLSA Director Positions will be held on December 1st, using a voting machine on Solace Dreams just outside the SLSA Clubhouse.
If you are an eligible voter, (you have competed in one of the last 6 events or volunteered in one of the last 3 events or are a hall of fame inductee), you will receive a notice when voting is open.

We sincerely wish to think each of the following candidates, that graciously and selflessly have chosen to stand for election on December 1st. Even before the election we should thank these candidates for their community spirit and willingness to serve.


I, Summer Amaranth (SummerRain Garnet) wish to add my name to the list of nominees for board of directors for December- May 2015. If I am elected, I am willing and able to accept the responsibilities that go along with being a member of the Board of Directors of the SLSA.

I am currently a co-capt with team Da Hui.

As you all know I hold a current Board of Director seat with the SLSA and if elected to carry on I will do my best to help see SLSA succeed to the best of my ability. I have enjoyed my time as a chair with the Board of Directors and enjoyed meeting new people and getting more involved.

My surfing journey started back in 2011, I was a lone surfer for a good awhile before coming into the SLSA a year ago. I compete in competitions when possible (hard for me to do both EC/surf at the moment) and I am also a trained EC, Marshal and Judge with the SLSA. I personally don’t care about ranking but would rather spend my time serving as the SLSA needs people to volunteer.

I feel like I bring good things here to the SLSA and would like to further serve if you all would have me..

Thank you so much for your time and consideration.

Summer Amaranth (summerrain garnet)
OK, so, I’m Missy Lovesu (missylovesu resident) and I am willing and able to serve as a director for a full term beginning December 1, 2014.

I am an enthusiastic but thoroughly mediocre surfer and a proud member of the T’ai Ch’i Zen Team. I have been in SL since September 2012, and am in my fourth season of SLSA competition. I spend a lot of time here and have a lot of wonderful friends and do all kinds of things to amuse myself in SL, but VERY high on the list is my participation in SLSA.

I have always had an interest in RL surfing and have some (very slight) RL experience, so when some friends introduced me to SL surfing, I immediately fell in love with it. I have truly enjoyed being part of the SL surfing community and would love to see it continue and grow.

On the negative side, I have never qualified to judge any competition and in between competitions, I tend to forget how to surf each board and have to relearn from more or less scratch, which goes a long way towards explaining the “thoroughly mediocre” portion of my relatively undistinguished SL surfing resume. :-)

My vision for SLSA — OK, well, number one, we should seriously consider eliminating management-speak cliches like “vision statements.” *laughing* More seriously, obviously our number one responsibility is making sure that the competitions take place and run as smoothely and fairly as possible. To that end, we need to guard against unnecessary drama, which I believe is a cancer that could kill the SLSA if it ever got out of control. Also, it is important that SLSA not only be run fairly and impartially, but also transparently enough so that anyone with an open mind can be confident of our integrity. As a Director, I would always keep that in mind.

So, if I became a Director, I don’t think it would be a disaster for SLSA, but if enough better qualified candidates stand for election, I will CHEERFULLY campaign for them. Thank you!
My name is Annie Panties or Jadeeast and i have been surfing since June of 2013. I am currently a Director having the responsibilities of HR and now Sponsors. I would like to run for re-election as i feel there is more i can assist with and contribute and learn. i belong to the Montego surf team and also have been trained as a Marshall. I am also looking forward to being trained as a Judge as this would give me a better perspective on what a judge looks for in a contest. I have signed up for the training. I have met many great people here and want to see SLSA do well here in the competitive climate as SL and give surfers what they need to have fun and compete.
My name is, Petra Xaris, and I’ve been a SLSA director for 3 terms. I can remember when I first decided to run, it was simply to help out and after almost 1 1/2 years of doing this job, I still feel the same way. I’m here to help in whatever way I can so that our organization keeps moving forward.

I love that we have tried to make the community more a part of some of the bigger decisions we’ve made in the last year. For example the decision to include the C-3 surfboard in competitions. I don’t think anyone would argue that as a community we made the right decision to include the C-3 surfboard in our comps. What a fun board and great comp we had at Bundy Reef this season!

And so, If you all would like me to stay on, I’ll do my best to help in whatever way I’m needed so that we may all enjoy our monthly comps as well as the other functions we have in our community.

I’m an independent surfer and not affiliated with any team or sim/product. I’m able to serve a six month term starting on December 1, 2014. Thank you for your consideration :)

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SLSA Solace Dreams Pro Results

SLSA+logo1Solace Dreams, Stop 4 in Season 2 of 2014

Date – November 15th
Venue – Solace Dreams
Board – SSi Longboard (v5.x)
Wave – Epic Lite


1st Neptune 15.33
2nd Petra Xaris 14.33
2nd Becks 14.33
4th Harbor Piers 14.00
5th Kr1st3n 13.83
6th Sunrize Mornington 12.66
6th Zelda Zimberman 12.66

Semi Final 1
Sunrize Mornington 14.16*
Mick Lunasea 10.50
Sally LaSalle 13.66
Harbor Piers 13.83**

Semi Final 2
Willow Wynn 11.66
Kr1st3n 14.00**
Zelda Zimmerman 14.33*
Lanky Silvercloud 12.16

Semi Final 3
Neptune 15.66*
Becks (Becka Blackrain) 13.83**
KatieLove Adored 12.83
Petra Xaris 14.00**

Heat 1
Zelda Zimmerman 13.66**
Cierra Theriac 10.83
Sunrize Mornington 14.66*
Shannon Cardalines DNS
Diamond Carbertta 11.00

Heat 2
Mike 9.67
Brad Fresh 11.50
Willow Wynn 13.50*
Annie Panties 12.16
Figger Arun DNS

Heat 3
Neptune 14.33*
JohnnyWhadd 13.33
Dax Verlaine DNS
Rayzza Rubble 12.00
Curshaw MacTagairt 7.33

Heat 4
Mick Lunasea 12.33*
Lourinho Nizna DNS
Missy Lovesu 11.00
Daphne Yardley-Wayward 10.16

Heat 5
Kr1st3n 14.00*
Petra Xaris 13.33**
Lanky Silvercloud 13.33**
Reigndrop DNS
KatieLove Adored 13.66**

Heat 6
Becks (Becka Blackrain) 14.83*
Harbor Piers 13.33**
Sally LaSalle 14.16**
Colleen Brennan 12.50
Followingwaves Sirbu DNS

Event Coordinator – Petra Xaris
Head Judge – Maldrul Morris
Judge – JT Castanea
Judge – Roxy Angel
Marshal – Neptune
Security – Summer

  • Heat Winners and next 6 High Scores advance to Semi-Finals
  • Semi-Final Heat winners and next top 3 Scores advance to the Finals

Full event rules can be found on the SLSA Wiki.

Epic Lite at Bundy Reef

Epic Lite at Bundy Reef

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SLSA Bundy Reef Pro Results

SLSA+logo1Bundy Reef, Stop 3 in Season 2 of 2014

Date – Saturday, October 18th 2014
Venue – Bundy Reef
Board – C-3 v2 (rezzer or own board)
Wave – Maoli Swell


1st-Becks 15.33
2nd-Kristen 14.67
3rd-Neptune01 14.17
4th-Zelda Zimberman 13.17
5th-Sunrize Mornington 13.00
6th-Petra Xaris 9.83


Semi-Final 1
Harbor Piers 13.00
Becks 15.00*
Mick Lunasea 11.50
Lanky 13.00

Semi-Final 2
Mike 12.83
Petra Xaris 13.83**
JohnnyWhadd 12.50
Zelda Zimberman 14.00*

Semi-Final 3
Sunrize Mornington 13.83**
Kriisten 14.66*
Neptune 14.33**
Wilfrid DeCuir 12.66

Heat 1
Roxy Angel 10.66
Neptune 13.66**
Mick Lunasea 13.83**
Harbor Piers 14.50*
Annie Panties (jadeeat) 12.33


Heat 2
Wilfrid DeCuir 13.00
Mike (vallely) 14.00*
JohnnyWhadd 13.83**
Lanky Silvercloud 13.66**
Dax Verlaine 12.83


Heat 3
Lauren 12.83
Diamond Carbetta 10.83
Lourinho Nizna 11.83
Sunrize Mornington 14.50*
Maldrul Morris 11.83


Heat 4
Zack Tillmann 12.83
Becks 13.66*
Reign Reigndrop 12.33
Matt Mapp 10.33


Heat 5
Cierra Theriac 11.00
Sally LaSalle 10.33
Petra Xaris 13.16*
Colleen Brennan 11.16


Heat 6
Zelda Zimberman 13.16**
Kristen 14.33*
Brad Fresh 11.33
Rayzza Rubble 11.50
Missy LovesU 12.00


  • Heat Winners and next 6 High Scores advance to Semi-Finals
  • Semi-Final Heat winners and next top 3 Scores advance to the Finals


Event Coordinator: Summer Amaranth
Head Judge: Bobbi Laval LaSalle
Judge: JT Castanea
Judge: Robbin Ember
Marshall: Neptune
Security: Sally LaSalle

Full event rules can be found on the SLSA Wiki.






Bundy Reef_001

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