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Maximillion Kleene and SLSA Fundraiser

SLSA+logo1Join your fellow surfers and beach goers for a great concert on Friday June 17th as award winning entertainer Maximillion Kleene sings and plays for us at Solace Beach stage from 6-7 pm SLT.  All proceeds go to help SLSA .  Save the date!  Thats this Friday (yes, tomorrow) 6-7 pm SLT. A pep rally going into our last surfing contest for the season.

Solace Beach


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SLSA Fundraiser Rolling Stones Tribute Concert

SLSA rolling stones concert 1_30 4PM SLT

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SLSA Solace Dreams Fundraiser

stevie-ray-vaughan- tribute concert

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SLSA Sim Surf A Thon

SLSA+logo1SLSA Group Notices

SLSA Surf-A-Thon Fund Raiser July 11, 2015

The SLSA will be holding a fund raiser on July 11th from 9AM SLT to 9PM SLT… SLSA Surf-A-Thon.
All members are welcome to participate… if you can surf, you can enter. The surfer that surfs the most waves will win a surfboard from Wave Rider Designs and the team that has the highest total of waves surfed by their team members, will win a trophy. It’ll be party waves all day long!


Hello Surfers,

The SLSA will be holding a fund raiser on July 11th from 9AM SLT to 9PM SLT… SLSA Surf-A-Thon.

On the day of the Surf-A-Thon, surfers will meet at Solace Dreams sim to do their surfing. You may choose your own times you would like to surf and you may surf any board of your choosing as many times as you can, the more the better. If you want you you may surf an hour or two and come back later to surf some more. It’s up to you.

**** Prizes ****

The surfer that surfs the most waves during the Surf-A-Thon will win a surfboard from Wave Rider Designs.

The SLSA Surf Team that has the most waves surfed (in total from all their team members combined) will win a trophy!


How it works:
Any of our SLSA members may enter to surf. ..

1. Contact either Petra Xaris or Daphne Yardley to get signed up and receive a pledge Note Card.

2. Get pledges from friends, for each wave you surf, and please keep a record of those pledges on the Note Card.

*** Pledges***

Pledges may be a certain amount per wave surfed with or without a cap, It’s up to the sponsor.

For example:

A sponsor may pledge 5 linden per wave surfed. If the surfer surfs 200 waves, the sponsor would owe 1,000 lindens. If that sponsor has limited funds, they could put a cap of 250 lindens, 500 lindens, 750 lindens etc. Whatever the top amount they are willing to spend is.

Pledges may be as little as 1 linden per wave or as generous as the sponsor wishes to be. It’s up to the sponsor the amount they would like to pledge per wave.

Anyone may pledge, they don’t have to be a member of SLSA, so get as many of your friends involved as sponsors as you can!

3. On July 11th show up to surf at Solace Dreams any time between 9AM and 9PM SLT. The more you surf the better! It will be party waves ALL day!

4. We will have a Surfboard Counter on the beach that counts the waves you surf, click on the Surfboard Counter after each wave surfed, and it will keep track of the amount of waves you have surfed, posting it in local chat with your name for all to see.

5. When you are done surfing, give a total of the waves you surfed from local chat to Petra or Daphne.

6. Collect the pledges from your sponsors and send them to Cierra Theriac along with a note card with the total of what you raised.

Hope to see you all on July 11th! Thank you!

Daphney Yardley SLSA Director/Sim Officer
Petra Xaris SLSA Volunteer

P.S. No one said you can’t sponsor yourself 🙂

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SLSA Hut Decorating Contest

It was time to get our holiday spirit on and decorate our huts at Solace Dreams. The contest is designed to raise funds by having people vote on their favorite decorated hut. I was excited that the Surf Side hut got 10 votes! Until I wandered next door and saw they had 192. Oh well, it is the thought that counts 🙂

Cie and Santa_007 Cie and Santa_009 Cie and Santa_008 Cie and Santa_006 Cie and Santa_005 Cie and Santa_004 Cie and Santa_003 Cie and Santa_002 Cie and Santa_001


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Teams Montego vs. Tsunami Showdown Results

contributors: Abel Halderman and Bobbi Laval LaSalle

I hear there was an awesome turn out for the event. For the fun, and to benefit the SLSA, and yeah, a little bragging rights 🙂 Teams Montego and Tsunami faced off at Tsunami Beach Saturday.

Funds raised for the SLSA: L$9450


1. MONTEGO: 12.59
2. TSUNAMI: 12.32

team tsuSLSA+logo1montego1 logo


Final (SSi Shortboard / SSi Pipeline)
1. Abel Halderman 15.66
2. Sunrize Mornington 14.16
3. Dax Kona 12.33
4. Wilfrid DeCuir 12.16
5. Kirsten 10.66
6. Lilly Kona 9.83

Stolen from Dax Verlaine's Facebook Feed

Stolen from Dax Verlaine’s Facebook Feed

ROUND 2 (HP5 Surfboard / HP Joaquina)
Semi-Final 1
Kirsten 14.83*
Wilfrid Decuir 14.83*
Dax Kona 13.00*
Neptune Maa 12.16
Sunrize Mornington 14.33*

Semi-Final 2
Abel Halderman 14.66*
Maldrul Morris 12.83
Diamond Carbetta 7.83
Connie Luik 9.33
Lilly Kona 14.16*

ROUND 1 (SSi Longboard / Maverick)
Heat 1
Sunrize Mornington 13.00**
Colleen Brennan 10.50
Kristen 13.66**
Rick Galli 7.50

Heat 2
Abel Halderman 15.00**
Lilly Kona 13.83**
Neptune Maa 12.83**
Annie Panties 10.50

Heat 3
Maldrul Morris 13.33**
Shannon Cardinales 12.50
Zoso Zepp 11.83
Dax Verlaine 12.66

Heat 4
Harbor Piers 0.00
Dax Kona 14.83**
Diamond Carbetta 13.50**
Wilfrid DeCuir 14.83**

Heat 5
Willow 8.17
MaryAnn Maa 11.00
TawnieLee 11.33
Connie Luik 12.50**

** – advanced to the semi-finals
* – advanced to the final


Sally LaSalle – Head Judge
Mick Lunasea – Judge
Robin Mapp – Judge
VW Sands – Event Coordinator
Lauren – Marshall
JohnnyWhadd – Security Officer
Samantha – DJ

Designers / Builders:
Bethy Felisimo – Rashies
MaryAnn Maa – Trophies

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Today – Tsunami vs. Montego Heat Draws

benefiting the SLSA!

Sob!!!! I won’t be able to surf. But don’t let that stop you from going out and having an awesome and fun time and supporting the SLSA at the same time!

   team tsu vs. montego1 logo

The spectator stands will be located at Tsunami Beach.

Round One: Maverick wave, SSi longboard
Round Two: Joaquina wave, HP surfboard
Round Three: SSi Pipeline wave, SSi shortboard

The competition starts at 12 noon SLT on Saturday, November 23rd. Heat 1 check-in time: 11.45am SLT. The competition will mostly follow general SLSA surf event rules: 5 heat winners AND the next 5 best scores advance..

Heat Draws:

Heat 1
Sunrize Mornington (RED)
Colleen Brennan (BLUE)
Kristen (kr1st3n) (GREEN)
Rick Galli (ORANGE)

Heat 2
Abel Halderman (RED)
Lilly Kona (lilly wumpole) (BLUE)
Neptune Maa (Neptune01) (GREEN)
Annie Panties (jadeeast)(ORANGE)

Heat 3
Maldrul Morris (RED)
Shannon Cardinales (BLUE)
Zoso Zepp (GREEN)
Dax Verlaine (ORANGE)

Heat 4
Harbor Piers (RED)
Dax kona (13kuiz00) (BLUE)
Diamond Carbetta (carbetta) (GREEN)
Wilfrid DeCuir (ORANGE)

Heat 5
Willow (willowwynn) (RED)
MaryAnn Maa (BLUE)
TawnieLee (GREEN)
Connie Luik (Countess Decosta) (ORANGE)

Sally LaSalle – Head Judge
Robin Mapp – Judge
Mick Lunasea – Judge
Lauren – Marshall
JohnnyWhadd – Security
Samantha – DJ

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