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SLSA 10th Anniversary Tai Pro


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SLSA Bundy Reef SSi Pro Results

SLSA+logo1Date: April 16th (Pro) at 11:00 AM SLT
Venue: Bundy Reef
Wave: Pipeline Lite
Board: SSI Shortboard

Such an awesome day. I had so much fun!  I tried to take pictures for you, I really did. But no one would stand still 🙂

Bundy Heat scores

Click to see larger images

Click to see larger images


Bundy Trophy_001Sorry for the system face, but my mesh was being stubborn and refused to give up it’s scripts.  Bobbi was kind and gave me a band aid, after dumping ice tea on my head.



EC:  Petra Xaris
Head Judge: Annie Panties
Judge: Ronan Blake
Judge: Bobbi LaSalle
Marshall: Roxy/Neptune
Security: Cierra Theriac
DJ: Mal

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SLSA Competition to be Held at Bundy Reef

Stop 4 on the 2015 Season 1 series!  Get ready for some fun, old school style. Bundy Reef is running pipes with rock obstacles. What does that mean you ask? It means the rocks are physical and if you hit one, you wipe-out. Say bye-bye to your wave.

This set up is very challenging and super fun!

Dates: May 23rd (Open) & 30th (Pro)
Sim: Bundy Reef
Wave: Pipes

Grab your favorite SSi Longboard and a first aid kit, and get yourself over to Bundy Reef.

Bundy Reef_001


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