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Surf for Life – June 4, 2016

Surf For Life - June 4 - 9am - 9pm

See ya there tomorrow!


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Tai Chi Fund-Raiser Surf Comp Results

If you couldn’t be there, you missed an awesome time! Event organizers decided to mix things up a bit and ran one-on-one heats, until the finals. The preliminary one-on-one heats were 15 minutes long, with surfers catching as many waves as they could in that time limit. Chatter in the stands were positive on loving this format. The event in addition to being a fun time was to help raise funds to keep the sims of Tai and Chi running. Surfing sims exist out of love for the sport. Very few, if any, turn a profit. You can still help out by looking for donation jars on the beaches of Tai and Chi.


Surfers were:
Heat 1
Missy Lovesu 11.16
Curshaw 9.33

Heat 2
Mick Lunasea 13.00
Flynn Sheridan 11.00

Heat 3
Nico 13.16
Cierra Theriac 12.33

Heat 4
Johnny Whadd 13.50
Annie Panties 13.00


Finalists were comprised of heat winners and the one next highest scoring surfer.

And the results were:
1st – Johnny Whadd 14.00
2nd – Nico 13.83
3rd – Annie Panties 12.16
4th – Mick Lunasea 10.83
4th – Missy Lovesu 10.83

TaiChi Scores

Event Officials were:
Head Judge  JT Castanea
Judge : Neptune
Judge: Connie Decosta
Marshall: Roxy Angel
Security : Sally/Bobbi LaSalle
MC: Lanky
DJ: Reigny


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SLSA Season 2 of 2014 Awards Ceremony

photos be JT Castanea and Cierra Theriac

Awards Ceremony_001

If you couldn’t be there the speeches were great. So, I am just going to post (most of) them here.

Awards Ceremony_002

Rayzza Rubble: G’day surf bums. cheers!! Most Improved Award Goes to the surfer that moved up the ranks the most . This Season we had not one but two surfers that climbed that ladder together. At the end of our last comp they were grappling for the lead, both moving up 28 places. These KOOKS are both well respected veteran surfers. Our Most Improved award goes to… The Venuzwalian Hodad, Dax Verlaine and the other goes to the old bloke in the hat, me old mate, Mick Lunasea! Cheers Fella’s!. Oh yeah, that reminds me, the bars open and tomorrow in aussie its australia day, so l rekon we get on the piss early….YOUR SHOUT. Mick and Dax… Beers allround!!!! Congratz to both Mick and Dax

Awards Ceremony_003

Petra Xaris: The Angel Award is designed to recognize the person (male or female) that helped make this season a success, by contributing their time, effort, or simply their encouragement of surfers and staff, cheerfully and without seeking any recognition for themselves. They are the person that helped you and many others to have a fun season. This season’s recipient is very deserving of this honor. She was Event Coordinator for three comps this past season and MC for four. With her bubbly and fun loving personality, she did a wonderful job making it an enjoyable experience for all. And what so many of you don’t see is how she works tirelessly behind the scenes for SLSA. I truly don’t know what I’d have done without her this past season as one of our directors. Our Angel award winner for Season 2 2014 is… Summer Amaranth!

Awards Ceremony_005

Annie Pantie: Good afternoon, good morning and good evening! The Sportsman award recognizes the person that you feel displayed exemplary sportsmanship, displaying grace in victory or defeat, providing encouragement within and outside their own team, or making a sacrifice to assist another to the detriment of their own place. They are this season’s ‘good sport’. So I know I didn’t win. However someone did have these traits and show them all the time. He’s a friend to all, always with a smile on his face and laughter to make us all smile. He encourages his fellow surfers whether you are new to surfing or a veteran. He’s served as a SLSA director in the past and he’s well known for his eye catching photographs of surfers in action… have him a part of our community. It is my pleasure to welcome and congratulate our sportsman of Season 2 2014 to Dax Verlaine.

Awards Ceremony_008

Brad Fresh: I’m honored to present to you the 2014 Season 2 Rookie of the Season. While there were some great new surfers out there last season, this surfer really stood out and served notice that she is a force to be reckoned with, now and in the future. Her list of accomplishments are impressive..She qualified for the Pro event in her first Open comp at Marauder and made it to the semi’s in the Pro. She then won the C-3 Pro event at Bundy and tied for 2nd at the Solace Longboard Comp. She wrapped up her spectacular rookie campaign with a Semi placement at the Tsunami LSD Pro. Through it all, she maintained a high level of sportsmanship and class….cheering on her teammates and fellow surfers, and demonstrating a real appreciation for all she accomplished. I think you’ll all agree the future of surfing in SL looks very bright indeed with this season’s recipient. So without any further ado, it gives me great pleasure to present to you the 2014 Season 2 Rookie of the Season……

Awards Ceremony_009

Daphne Yardley-Wayward: Teams.  Each season the award for the top teams are presented. The teams in SLSA are very competitive and the final standings usually go to the final competition before a winner can be determined. This season was no exception. When your team is announced can the team captains or representatives please come up. There were five teams competing this season and the top three teams for season two 2014 are:
3rd Place Da Hui
2nd Place Montego
Now for your number 1 team… 1st Place Tai Chi Zen

Top Surfers

Şummer  Amaranth: At this time, it is my honor to present the awards for the top ten surfers of 2014 Season 2.
We start out our top ten this season with a tie for 9th place with two veterans of the SLSA, Sally LaSalle and Wilfred Decuir!
In 8th place is a man that not only came back to surf this season in style but has also started a new surf team, let’s give it up for Johnny Whadd!
He burst onto the surfing scene with an amazing talent for a newcomer which is not seen often. Our 7th place winner is Mike (vallely)!
She’s got style, she’s got talent, she’s our Rookie of the Season… in 6th place is Becks!
A former Board of Director this woman is always there to help when she can with a good attitude, in 5th place it’s Roxy!!
This woman is the hardest working person in the SLSA, who everyday contributes her time and effort to making SLSA a better place, in 4th place its Petra Xaris!
This surfer has been with the SLSA a long time, always with a smile and great attitude, in 3rd place its Zelda Zimberman!!
This girl is a kick ass surfer, with her love for pandas she’s always shining at the top, our 2nd place goes to Kristen!
Our 1st place this year is someone who has worked extremely hard and pushed his way to the top. Coming on the scene in 2013, he’s helped a lot of people along the way and never stopped pursuing his dream to be number one! And he did it!! Our 1st place goes to Neptune!


Petra Xaris: As Season 2 2014 came to a close there were three ladies that stood out above everyone else. It wasn’t the scores they got in their surfing, although they are all talented surfers, it was so much more than that… When real life threw them each a curve ball and they found themselves facing adversity, each quietly and courageously fought back not letting their real life circumstances get them down. Each of them participated this season and competed along with the rest of us despite their injuries. These three ladies, Annie Panties, Colleen Brennan and Roxy are a true inspiration to us all. We celebrate their courage and determination by honoring them with the Inspiration Award!

Petra at Awards

Ray at Awards


SLSA Awards


Connie at SLSA Awards


Dax At Awards

JT and Connie at Awards

Mick Best Improved

Awards Ceremony_004

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Tai Chi Fund-Raiser Surf Comp

A fundraiser to support the Tai Chi sims will be held on January 31st. Tai Chi needs your support and is holding a surf competition on that date. The entry fee is L$500. Fees and a notecard registration should be sent to Roxy (roxyangel007) in-world. The wave will be the LSD Empty Restaurant and board is LSD. Personal boards are allowed! Any questions, contact Roxy in-world!

Tai Chi

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2014 Season 1 Awards and Recognition

SLSA+logo1The SLSA 2014 Season 1 Awards and Recognition party was held Saturday , June 28th at the Hotel Del Coronado.  We were unfortunately unable to attend but a few of the awards and recognition are listed here:

Angel Award: Petra Xaris

Sports Person Award: Dax Verlaine

Rookie of the Season: Brad Fresh

Most Improved: Rayzza Rubble

2014 Season Awards

Top Ten Surfers:
1. Bobbi Laval
2. Krist3n
3. Sally LaSalle
4. Zelda Zimberman
5. Roxyangel007
6.  Neptune01
7. Harbor Piers
7. Shannon Cardalines
9. Colleen Brennan
10. Petra Xaris

Top Three Teams:
1. Montego
2. Tai Chi
3. Tsunami

Hall of Fame Inductions:
Bobbi Laval & Krist3n for 1st Place & Runner Up.
Maldrul Morris and Petra Xaris (by vote)

Everyone who helped during the competitions and and the sponsors were also recognized.

I hear it was a great party and fun was had by all.  Don’t put your board out of reach it’s time for a free surf and the next season will be here before you know it!


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2014 Season 1 Awards Ceremony

SLSA+logo1The 2014 Season 1 Awards Ceremony will be held this Saturday.

Group Notice From: SL Surfing Association

When: June 28, 2014 Saturday
Time:: 11:00 am  SLT
Where: Coronado Ballroom, Hotel del Coronado
Dress: Beach casual or Dress in Team Outfits

That is right next door to Solace Dreams, SLSA home sim.


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Surf Classes from Global Surf Treaty

Latest “class” from Global Surf Treaty

When Friday, 25th April
Time  6pm slt
Where: Global Surf School
Subject: SSI Longboard

From Connie: “come along and pick up some tips  or just hang out and chill with friends.  We love to see you all”

Island Sea Dreams

Picture stolen, errr, borrowed from Kantbe Serious

Picture stolen, errr, borrowed from Kantbe Serious

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