Sons of Beaches

So, the surfing competition season is over for now.  You’ve been practicing hard to get ready and going from one competition venue to another.  Now you’re ready to just hang out on a beach and surf for fun.  But where to go?  How do you find those beaches you don’t already know about just to try something different?

You can use the built-in search within your SL browser and look for places that have “surf” or “surfing” in their description.  You’ll find tons!  Tons of places where they use that as a  search keyword to attract visitors but don’t have anything close to surfable waves.

You can use the Linden Labs Destination Guide and look in the Surfing category.  While there are only 7 places listed at the time of this writing, they are at least going to be sims that actually offer surfing.  If you own a sim, or can post Events for a surfing sim, you might consider submitting your venue for inclusion in the Destination Guide.  This may be the first place someone new to the surfing community may look.

Surfing TP Board_001Clairebear (tclairetbeart.aeon) has also been providing at no charge a Surfing Community Teleport Board dedicated to surfing sims.  It uses a backend database to communicate location information to other teleport boards that are scattered around SL.  Surfing sims that set up these boards can then become teleportation hubs to other surfing sims who set up these boards.  The current version of the board supports up to 40 sims.  The board currently has 19 surfing spots.  Any sim that has a board can take you to any other sim with a board, but Claire’s place makes for a good starting point.  If you have a surfing spot and would like a teleport board, just IM Claire inworld and she can send you a “kit”.

Sim List SignA less sophisticated approach is picking up a notecard list of surfing sims that was begun years ago by Socks Clawtooth (2009, I think) and published by SurfWatch.  The list is maintained on roughly a monthly basis and each sim is verified to be running surfable waves at the time it’s published.  As of the July 2016 list, it has 74 surfing sims.

A number of surfing sim owners have the list available, such as El Diablo.  The most current copies are always made available in the shark warning sign on beaches at Solace Dreams by the board rezzers, close to the Hall of Fame building, and at a rental hut that’s off by itself on a little island as well as the one on Bluff Cove by the board rezzers and TP Board.

Any of these sources should help find some fun places to surf.  Enjoy your between competition season time and get out there and surf!!!!

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