SLSA 2016 Season 1 Schedule

SLSA+logo1Few More Details…

Feb 13th Open & 20th Pro 11AM SLT
Venue: Solace Dreams
Board: HP5 (rezzer or your own)
Wave: Maoli Tahiti
LM: … s/45/34/22

March 12th Open & 19th Pro
Venue: Bluff Cove
Board: C-3
Wave: Maoli Freestyle/ Swell Combo
LM: … 127/206/27

April 9th Open & 16th Pro
Venue: Bundy Reef
Board: SSI Shortboard
Wave: TBD
LM: … f/38/75/22

May 14th Open & 21 Pro
Venue: Tai
Wave: LSD
Board: TBD

June 11th Open & 18th Pro
Venue: Tsunami Beach (Solace Dreams Sim)
Board: SSI Longboard
Wave: TBD
LM: … s/45/34/22

*Boards and waves subject to change*

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