SLSA Stuff Going On

SLSA+logo1Many things happening in the off season and they need your help (don’t worry won’t take but a few minutes).  Most of this is taken directly from the SLSA Forums.

Call for Venues:

SLSA is now taking applications from those that would like to host a competition during the 2016 Season 1 competition season (Feb – June).

Follow the Survey Monkey link to complete an application:
Deadline to get your application in is Wednesday, January 13th. If we do not get enough applications, we will extend the deadline at that time. Thank you!

Hall of Fame Nominations:

The SLSA Hall of Fame, is a fun way to acknowledge outstanding sustained excellence and contribution to the sport of Surfing in Secondlife. It was originally created as a way to acknowledge not only those people that have shown excellence in their surfing skill over a sustained period, but also to those that contribute in a significant way to the facilitation, organization, development and enjoyment of Surfing as a positive and character building experience in Secondlife.

Each Season the top two placing surfers for the season overall are inducted, the Season Champion and Runner-up, are added as a tribute to their sustained participation and their performance across the length and breadth of the waves, boards and conditions that were a part of the season.

Additionally, nominations are sought from the SL Surfing community for potential inductees to the hall for contributions to SL surfing which are pivotal and of great value to the entire surfing community over a prolonged number of years.

Nominees do not have to be a part of the SLSA, they may have contributed to surfing in a significant way outside of the SLSA. Nominees may also include people that have been inducted for surfing, but who have also contributed to the development of the sport.

Their is no limit to the number of people that may be nominated, but each nominee must have a seconder (ie a second person that confirms the nomination). In addition, there is no limit to the number of inductees that may be voted in to the Hall of Fame at any given vote, but each inductee must receive more votes for than against induction from eligible voters (hall of fame members plus current SLSA board members) that cast a vote. This may mean that none, one, two or more may be inducted provided that they receive a net positive vote.

Please respond to this post with your Nominee and please indicate why you think that person should be inducted.

Your nominees will then be voted on by the current Hall of Fame Inductees in combination with the current SLSA Board of Directors. Each of those voters is limited to selecting 2 candidates from all nominees received.

The list of current Hall of Famers can be found on this post:-

or why not visit the SLSA Hall of Fame on the SLSA’s sim “Solace Dreams”

Nominations will close on Wednesday January 6th at Midnight SL time.

Sportsmanship Award:

Please respond to this post with your nominations for the SLSA Season Sportsperson award.

The Sportsperson award recognizes the person that you feel displayed exemplary sportsmanship, displaying grace in victory or defeat, providing encouragement within and outside their own team, or making a sacrifice to assist another to the detriment of their own place. They are this season’s ‘good sport’.

Nominations will Close at Midnight Wednesday, January 6th, at which time voting will take place in an anonymous poll here in this forum.

Angel Award:

Please respond to this post with your nominations for the SLSA Season “Angel” award.

The Angel award is designed to recognize the person (male or female) that helped make this season a success, by contributing their time, effort, or simply their encouragement of surfers and staff, cheerfully and without seeking any recognition for themselves. They are the person that helped you and many others to have a fun season.

Nominations will Close at Midnight Wednesday, January 6th, at which time voting will take place in an anonymous poll here in this forum.


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