Ack! Where can I find an SSi Shortboard?

Not to worry!  If you would like to buy your own personal board you can get one from Dee Waveriders’s Shop: DW Surf on Cloud 9. They are L$750 for a copy version.  There are a variety of sizes, so make sure you measure one you are interested in to make sure it is between 2.25m and 3.38m (competition size). If anyone else has working SSi vendors, please let me know!


If you just want a loaner for the Kauai comp, they have a rezzer that will give out short and long boards on the beach. The shortboard is approximately 2.65m.

Kauai Shorty_001

P.S. – If you need a portable measuring stick, contact me or any of the directors and we can pass you one!

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One response to “Ack! Where can I find an SSi Shortboard?

  1. What do I think? I’m pissed off is what. Dee has a monopoly on her version of ssi. All of us who built SSI, yeah us pioneers who spent thousands of REAL USD on SSI franchises, board lines etc got totally fucked by Heather Goodlif and Sebastian Saramago. The history of SL surfing in the HOF should have a GIANT FOOTNOTE: How the supposed inventors of sl surfing abandoned all who supported them.

    I question why there were never any upgrades. I suspect they didn’t invent the tech in the first place.

    Obviously they don’t care about what they supposedly created. The right thing to do would be DISTRIBUTE THE SCRIPTS TO ALL DEALERS WHO PAID YOU FOR IT.

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