Featured Public Surfing Sim – Kauai Surf Sim – Home of Mano Squad

Your inept, wait, that’s intrepid reporter cornered another unsuspecting surfing sim owner and finagled another interview.  This time, I caught up with Twstd Mano (some of you may know her by her maiden name, Ruggles) about her newly modified and reopened Kauai Surf Sim, now the home of the surfing team, Mano Squad.  Twstd was kind enough to sit down and chat for a few minutes for a few minutes while taking a break from her estate duties.Kauai Sea Shells

KT:  What public surfing sims do you have?

TM:  Kauai Surf Sim – Home of Mano Squad.

We also have Oahu Vacation Resort with limited room for surfing.

KT:  Can you tell the readers a little about why you decided to create a surfing sim?

TM:  Well i have had both islands for  8 years and have done different things with them.  It was time for a change on Kauai and since i just recently join the SLSA and me and my husband Slade Mano and his brother Austin Mano decided to start new team and surf sim.

KT:  How long has it been in SL?

TM:  Over  8 years

KT:  What types of waves do you tend to run these days?

TM:  We have the Monster and the California running in rotation.

Kauai Beach

KT:   Are you a surfer in either RL or SL?

TM:  Just SL.

KT:  Are there any special surfing or design features you’d like to tell the readers?

TM:  Well we are open to making changes to switch things up to make it more challenging and we currently are providing surf board rezzers for SSI Long,SSI Short, LSD and C3.

KT:   Is there anything else about your sim(s) you’d like to tell the readers?

Kauai FallsTM:   We are 7 year old sim and there is a vacation resort next door.  Rustic Wave mainstore is on our sim and  we do have some small surf shacks on Kauai but bigger variety next door in Oahu. In honor of our old surf team we have named the area slated for judges area during comps “Tsunami Threesome Rock”.  Its our way to pay tribute to our old team captain. ;]

KT:   Do you have any other regions in SL that aren’t related to surfing?  If so, can you tell us a little about them?

TM:  We have Oahu Vacation Resort next door, SL’s number 1 vacation resort  providing residents with an all inclusive vacation experience for over 8 years.

KT:  Thank you so much for your time.

Beachwear:  Sharkbite Bikini Butterfly Bikini – Noire (mesh/Omega applier)


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