Heat Draws for SLSA Bundy Reef Open Competition

SLSA+logo1Posted in the forums, the fourth stop for Season 1 of 2015!

Dates – May 23rd
Venue – Bundy Reef
Board – SSi Longboard (5.1, 5.2, or 5.2dlg)
Wave – SSi Pipes, with rock obstacles

Bundy Reef_001

Heat 1
Rachel Emodenmon (red)
Connie Decosta (blue)
Annie Panties(green)
Bebebluesky Warrior (bebebluesky resident) (orange)

Heat 2
Renee Serendipity (red)
nataliesch resident (blue)
Bobbi LaSalle (Bobbi Laval) (green)
JIm Destiny (orange)

Heat 3
Maryann Maa (red)
MARIA ELIBETH (22668383) (blue)
Alvaro Pevensey (ignacio.pevensey) (green)

Heat 4
Curshaw (curshaw resident) (red)
Toni Justices (tonitrue) (blue)
Blackmic Resident (green)

Heat 5
Twsted Ruggles (red)
Slade Mano (luis025) (blue)
shannon Cardalines (green)

*Note that every effort has been made to accommodate requests for Late or Early Heat Preferences, due to conflicting requests not all requests can be met.

EC- Petra
HJ- Cierra
j- Ray
Marshall- Roxy
DJ- Johnny Whadd

Pre-quailifed for the Pro
harbor piers
petra xaris
Brad Fresh
cierra theriac
ronan Blake
sunrize mornigton
maldrul morris
missylovesu Resident.
mick Lunasea
mike (vallely)
Diamond (carbetta resident
following sirbu

Full event rules can be found on the SLSA Wiki.



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3 responses to “Heat Draws for SLSA Bundy Reef Open Competition

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  2. Roxy Angel

    HI Cie, I think you forgot to change the Title as its still has SLSA Lucky 13 Open Heat Draws…just fyi…

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