By-Election for the SLSA Board of Directors

SLSA+logo1Due to the resignation of one the SLSA Board of Directors’ members, a by-election is being held for the remainder of her term today.  Candidates running for the seat are: Cierra Theriac, Rayzza Rubble, Robbin Ember, and Annie Panties. Find out if you are an eligible voter here, and if so head out the the Solace Dreams clubhouse and cast your vote.

The following was posted to the forums to introduce the candidates:

A by election for 1 SLSA Director Position will be held on April 22nd, using a voting machine on Solace Dreams just outside the SLSA Clubhouse.
If you are an eligible voter, (you have competed in one of the last 6 events or volunteered in one of the last 3 events or are a hall of fame inductee), you will receive a notice when voting is open.

We sincerely wish to think each of the following candidates, that graciously and selflessly have chosen to stand for election on April 22nd. Even before the election we should thank these candidates for their community spirit and willingness to serve.


Dear Directors and Fellow SLSA members,

My name is Cierra Theriac and would like to be considered for a seat on the SLSA Board of Directors that has become open.

I am a founding SLSA Director and have served again on the Board since then. I wish to give back to the organization and community that has provided me with so much. Being a director is the ultimate way that I can volunteer my time and effort to help the SLSA continue to be a successful organization and hold our beloved competitions.

Our original founding vision was to create an organization to run successful surfing competition and create a community we could all be a part of. I believe the SLSA has achieved this and has continued to grow and improve from the original set up.

I have been held all positions in a competition, from Event Coordinator, to Marshal and Judge, and most importantly, a surfer.

Currently, I am co-owner of Bluff Cove surf sim, wave rider designs, and the blog Surfside (

Thank you for your consideration, Cie


l Rayzza Rubble officially put my hand up to apply for the position of director of the slsa. l’m a member of the HOF, have over 30 yrs rl surfing experience, surfed against the no 3 in the world at Cresso one yr and got my ass kicked, hahahaa, my surfing ties in sl come from my involvement with Monkey cove, Ran the Aussie Surf Assoc for a few yrs, running comps having fun times,, Surf designer, surfboards and clothing, also had alot of input to the design of LSD waves and surfboards, not to mention lm a larrakin, so u’ll get a laugh. l’d really like to see the slsa get back on track l feel its lost its way in the last 12 months .
Rayzza Rubble


To every sitting board member, and upon publication, to every member of the slsa, here is my note and offer to sit on the board. In this regard, I would be willing to sit on the board for whatever is needed. I believe that it is the remainder of an uncompleted term. If I am wrong that is ok, I am also willing to serve for a full term.

I am affiliated with and a captain on the Montego Surf Team. In complete disclosure, I must admit that I love every member of our team. However that will not come into play in my work on the board.

I do not have any plans for any major changes or improvements. Rather I see a need for some stability. I have served on the board before and have participated in events both as a surfer, marshal, judge, event coordinator, and even once as security, giggle, imagine that.

I believe in commitment and hard work, when it is needed. I am a dedicated believer in our first amendment here in the United States and the ability of one to say what is on their mind. At the same time I understand the need for a structure to keep it all in order..

In any case I am here to help and offer my assistance. Take care, Robbin Ember.


My name is Annie Panties (Jadeeast) and i submit my name for Director for SLSA.
I had served one term as Director in the past and i feel i can fairly and diplomatically serve the remaining terms that is needed at this time.
We seem to have too much drama here and i will close that gap and make surfing the priority it should be with fun not drama. I had been called in the past the “voice of reason” and my strong points would be to work with the current Directors and members of SLSA to smooth any remaining rough edges that are here and move forward to build on the strong points that SLSA was founded on.
The brief time i spent on the Board i saw a dedicated group who works with the rules of SLSA and also has the best intentions of the group in mind in their fair and honest decisions.
Thank you.

Hurry out to Solace Dreams before midnight SLT today to cast your vote!


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