Heat Draws for SLSA Lucky 13 HP5 Open Competition

SLSA+logo1Posted in the forums, the third stop for Season 1 of 2015!

Dates – April 18th (Open)
Venue – Solace Dreams
Board – HP5 (personal or rezzer)
Wave – Maoli Tahiti

Heat 1
Blue (WillowWynn Resident)-red
renee.serendipity – blue
Summer Amaranth (Summerrain Garnet)-green

Heat 2
Rachel Emodemon -red
Diamond (Carbetta Resident)-blue
Selenas Resident-green

Heat 3
Maryann Maa-red
Slade Mano(Luis025 Resident)-blue
Curhsaw Resident (Curshaw MacTagairt)-green

Heat 4
ZackTillmann, (ZackTillmann Resident)-red
Fuzzy Cheeks(bullet Admiral)-blue
Dax Verlaine-green

Heat 5
Daphne Yardley-Wayward (daphne.yardley)-red
Mike (vallely Resident)-blue
Twstd Ruggles-green

*Note that every effort has been made to accommodate requests for Late or Early Heat Preferences, due to conflicting requests not all requests can be met.

EC/MC: Summer
HJ: Neptune
J1: Cierra
J2: Zelda
M: Roxyangel
S: Daphne
DJ: Johnny

Pre-Qualified to PRO Comp
Harbor Piers
Wilfrid DeCuir
Petra Xaris
Sally LaSalle
Brad Fresh
Zelda Zimmerman
Maldrul Morris
Figger Arun
Ronan Blake
Sunrize Mornington
Cierra Theriac
Lanky Silvercloud
Missy Lovesu
Mick Lunasea

Full event rules can be found on the SLSA Wiki.


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