SLSA Surfing and SUP Merge (???)

announced on the SLSA Forums:

fileIt is with great pleasure that, on behalf of the Board of directors with whom I have been secretly working, I announce that the SLSA has merged with the Stand-Up Paddle surfing group!!

It was felt by the directors that with the majority of the surfing community getting a bit older, that we would all benefit from the more leisurely activity of stand-up-paddle surfing. We will kick this off by turning the April competition into a joint surfing and stand-up paddling event, where you can use the board (or paddle) of your choice depending on your physical abilities.

In addition to the new events, a new logo has been created to represent the merger.

The new slogan for the group will now be ‘Surfing SUP brah (or chica)!’

We hope you enjoy this new and exciting change.

I am sure more information will soon be given out.

UPDATE: The consensus seems to be… we been PRANKED. Happy April Fool’s day y’all.  Well played, you guys, well played. Now does anyone want to buy a slightly used paddleboard?



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5 responses to “SLSA Surfing and SUP Merge (???)

  1. Who sells sup boards? Why no member vote on logo change and merge?

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