The SLSA needs YOU!

SLSA+logo1Posted in Group Notices today:

For anyone considering jumping into the March 1st election  for SLSA Directors, this is a reminder you  must send in your nomination on note card to all sitting directors (Summerrain Garnet, MissyLovesu, Daphne Yardley, Lanky Silvercloud and Petra Xaris) by midnight SLT tonight, February 15th.

You may read more about it at the SLSA forum, here is the url.

The SLSA needs members willing to give some time and effort, as well as have fun, to be one of the directors of the SLSA. There are 2 seats opening up. If there aren’t at least 2 people willing to run: If there are less candidates eligible or willing to run for election than there are numbers of open Director’s seat(s), all events shall be suspended and the election re-scheduled.

That means the competition at Chi may have to be postponed. If you are interested in helping out the SLSA and being on the Board of Directors, submit your self-nomination today!


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