Tai Chi Fund-Raiser Surf Comp Results

If you couldn’t be there, you missed an awesome time! Event organizers decided to mix things up a bit and ran one-on-one heats, until the finals. The preliminary one-on-one heats were 15 minutes long, with surfers catching as many waves as they could in that time limit. Chatter in the stands were positive on loving this format. The event in addition to being a fun time was to help raise funds to keep the sims of Tai and Chi running. Surfing sims exist out of love for the sport. Very few, if any, turn a profit. You can still help out by looking for donation jars on the beaches of Tai and Chi.


Surfers were:
Heat 1
Missy Lovesu 11.16
Curshaw 9.33

Heat 2
Mick Lunasea 13.00
Flynn Sheridan 11.00

Heat 3
Nico 13.16
Cierra Theriac 12.33

Heat 4
Johnny Whadd 13.50
Annie Panties 13.00


Finalists were comprised of heat winners and the one next highest scoring surfer.

And the results were:
1st – Johnny Whadd 14.00
2nd – Nico 13.83
3rd – Annie Panties 12.16
4th – Mick Lunasea 10.83
4th – Missy Lovesu 10.83

TaiChi Scores

Event Officials were:
Head Judge  JT Castanea
Judge : Neptune
Judge: Connie Decosta
Marshall: Roxy Angel
Security : Sally/Bobbi LaSalle
MC: Lanky
DJ: Reigny



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2 responses to “Tai Chi Fund-Raiser Surf Comp Results

  1. Of course I was part of that chatter in the stands where we agreed we loved the format. Especially with a limited number of surfers, as in this comp, it’s an ideal format because it takes the pressure off. One surfer said that with the standard three-wave format, she tended to surf conservatively on one wave because she wanted to ensure at least one decent wave. But with more waves, we can relax a little. It’s all about FUN anyway!

    • I am a fan of timed heats when there is enough time to run them, and “man-on-man” was a fun switch up. Most people don’t realize that in the early days of SLSA we ran timed heats in (I think) 4 man heats.

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