More Changes for November Comp?

SLSA+logo1Living up to it’s motto, “A Season of Change,” the November comp has been moved to Solace Beach. But which wave will run? It was posted in the forums that the HP Sunset would be the wave we would ride, but apparently someone said “Not so fast there…Let’s take it to the people.”

There is a brand new wave that is really Old School in the style of the old Epic wave.  And now the directors want to know. Which wave would you prefer to ride on of the two: the Sunset or the “Epic Lite”? The discussion about the wave choice on the forums is chock full of info on the new wave. A highlite of the new wave is it is low lag.

You can try out the new wave at Bundy Reef and then run over to Solace Dreams and hop on the Sunset. I would really suggest you try both out, even if you think you know the Sunset, because you may not know “this” Sunset and how it runs at Solace Dreams. It’s the 200m version, so you need to hussle your arse to use the whole wave (aweome! challenge). There is the option of using the 100m Sunset instead. Keep in mind that there are a ton of Halloween decorations up right now at Solace, so until those come down it may be a bit laggy.

After you have had a change to ride both waves, take yourself over to the forums and weigh in on the conversation about which wave you think should run. The directors would like to make a decision by Sunday, as the comp is only two weeks away. And no matter which wave is chosen we all want max time on it to practice.

Epic Lite at Bundy Reef

Epic Lite at Bundy Reef

Sunset at Solace Dreams

Sunset at Solace Dreams



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3 responses to “More Changes for November Comp?

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  2. Sad the new generation of riders won’t experience the nuances and charm of 2008 state of the art EPIC wave. Pro riders of old “only know the feeling” lol. Pros will ride every and anything. Post Havoc physics engine change rendered our ssi’s useless, we almost had to ride pumpkins through graveyards. Set it up we’ll ride it.

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