Candidates for SLSA Board of Directors

SLSA+logo1Two people have generously offered their time and energy to the SLSA to be on the Board of Directors. Which is awesome since there are two seats opening up. Elections to make it official will be held on September 1st at Solace Dreams. A list of eligible voters will be posted to the SLSA Forums soon.  Our two candidates are Lanky Silvercloud and Daphne Yardley-Wayward. Their introductions were posted to the SLSA forum yesterday and are reprinted below:


Lanky Silvercloud

I am more than willing to help in any way I can ,I know my time zone difference is a hindrance but I’m sure it could be a benefit as well ,me being on when some others aren’t.

If elected I am more than willing to serve the full term of the position.

I started as a member of Reef Riders team and am now part of the Tai Chi surf team.

I have been a part of the SL surf community since almost my first day on SL thanks to a beach bum called Rayzza who took me under his wing and taught me a few things and since then have been hooked, I love helping newcomers learn to surf and have seen a few become amazing surfers.

My vision for the SLSA is I guess a lot like most of see it as a friendly surfing community with different and varied comps but also I think it would be great to hold other events as well, like formal balls, or beach parties so that members and their friends can get together and just get to know each other and talk about what their ideas are or complaints so it can give us an idea what we can do to make the SLSA the best it can be



Name: Daphne Yardley-Wayward
Team: Tsunami
Outside of Surfing: I cheer for SLCS Cheerleaders, I help run SLCS Airlines and I’m blocker for M.Inc.Riot Bitches of the Second Life Roller Derby Association.

My vision:
I think my vision for SLSA to expand it and make it more visible across grid. WIth the visibility, it can bring more sponsors to our competitions. Also organizing concerts with tribute bands and having parties will help our brand grow and attract more people that never have surf before.

I commit to serve a 6 month term.

Thank you so much Lanky and Daphne!



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