Blue Hole

Vally Lavender has done it again, only this time, not a surf sim, but a beautiful dive and scuba spot. While I was wandering Blue Hole around and taking pictures, I asked her about the sim.

Blue Hole_003


She states that it’s not that she’s tired of surfing at all but that she was just bored with building surf sims. This sim has many different things to offer such as

*four beautiful waterfalls with romantic spots

*the sim itself is surrounded by sand and coral making a circular effect. In the middle is the “blue hole” of water where all the sea life dwell. You will be amazed at the number of sea life located at BLUE HOLE. It is fashioned in a sense after the real life BLUE HOLE in Belize Central America which was my inspiration.Well in all honestly my good friend Linear thought of it and I thought it was a great idea!

*Also on the island is the BLUE HOLE BAR hosting DJ’s and Live Music., plenty of chairs and blankets for sunbathing, canoes to use for free, plus more fun for your recreational use.

*Don’t have diving gear? Although not mandatory; you can outfit yourself at our store which sells HEPS, Oceania Maoli, and Xtreme goodies.

Although it’s a diving spot; I call it my lover’s spot too since it is so romantic. Take a stroll around the sim and you’ll see what I mean and no telling what you’ll find underwater!

Surprisingly for a sim less than a month old we’ve had about 100 visitors thus far. Come See for Yourself. Full Nudity is NOT permitted on the beaches but we do allow nude swimming and we’re not opposed to bathing suits without tops. Be respectful of your fellow divers and don’t perv them.

Oh and note that within the next two months a sim will be added next door for surfing and rental homes.

It is truly beautiful and you should stop by and check it out. I am anxious to see what she adds next door for our surfing pleasure.

Blue Hole_012

Blue Hole_011

Blue Hole_010

Blue Hole_009

Blue Hole_005

Blue Hole_004

Blue Hole_002

Blue Hole_001


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