Feedback C-3 Surfboard Requested

SLSA+logo1The SLSA Board of Directors is looking at the C-3 surfboard for competition use and is requesting member feedback.

Posted in the SLSA forums:

The BoD has approved the C 3 surfboard for testing and comments/ concerns by the SLSA general membership.

Please visit Solace Dreams and try out the C 3. Then post your comments and concerns in this forum thread.

The BoD will review all comments and make a decision whether approve the board to be considered for use in official SLSA surfer ranking competitions.

If the SLSA Board of Directors decide that official SLSA surf competition could be fairly conducted on the C 3, then the matter will be brought to the eligible voting members who are currently eligible to vote in Director Elections.

If the board is not approved, we will send the list of concerns to the manufacturer to allow them to address those concerns and provide the SLSA with an updated version for further testing.

Please note as stated above, that the Board of Directors has “approved” the C-3 board for consideration to be used in competition. It has not received full approval yet. That determination will be made after receiving feedback from the SLSA members. You can also find a board rezzer at Tsunami Beach.



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