Being an SLSA Director

SLSA+logo1After the Call for Nominees goes out when the SLSA Board of Directors election comes up, people start asking themselves “Do I want to be a Director?” and if the answer is yes, then the next question is “Am I qualified?”

Short answer to “Am I qualified?” to probably yes. Do you like to help put on comps? Are you willing to participate in making decisions about issues that come up? Do you want to help maintain an organization with the thought of ‘What is best for the surfers?’

Technical Qualifications to being a director:

  1. Are you an Eligible Voter and a current member of the SLSA? If yes, you are eligible. (a few other technicalities, but this is the basic one.)

Technical Qualification to being an eligible voter:

  1. Competed in and received a score in one of the 6 SLSA sanctioned competitions prior to the election OR
  2. A member of the SLSA Hall of Fame OR
  3. Been a an appointed officer or director at, at least, one of the previous three SLSA sanctioned competitions prior to the election 

I am simplifying what is in the constitution. Go ahead read sections 2 and 3, I’ll wait.

Notice that no where in there does it say that you have to have competed in X competitions, held a position in any competition, or been a member of the SLSA for X amount of time. It says what I have outlined above. It doesn’t matter if you are new, or feel too new. If you meet the conditions above (and other technicalities in the constitution (Sections 2 and 3) and you want to be a director, go for it! Most important qualifications: heart, common sense, and desire, IMHO.

So how do you run for Director. Well, if you don’t want to go to the forums and read the official announcement, here’s the gist of it:

  1. Create a notecard, introducing yourself: your name, your willingness and ability to serve a full term, any affiliations of team, product or sim ownership, and a paragraph or two outlining your background, and your vision for the SLSA.
  2. Send it to all the current directors:  Xander Datura, Sunrize Mornington, Petra Xaris, roxyangel007, and Maldrul Morris before midnight May 18th (that’s in 2 days folks)

That’s it.

From personal experience, I will tell you that I really enjoyed being on the board. I love to help put on competitions. I love the camaraderie of working with other people to get things done. I love working toward making something better, and ensuring that all competitions are fun! Sure there is some work involved. But if you are willing… I bet you will love it too.

FYI – The positions are for 6 months: June 1st 2014 until November 30th 2014.

There a 3 positions opening on the board, and the SLSA members and the Board of Directors needs you!



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2 responses to “Being an SLSA Director

  1. I have served 3 different times over the years. Mostly I would say it was a good experience with a few rough spots now and then.
    I few other small things not mentioned in the constitution.
    Even if not an eligible voter, you can still petition to run. This provision was put in to recognize that even those outside of the regular competitors and officials might have something to offer SLSA and are willing to contribute. I think this provision was used when Syx served.
    Also about now, is often time you still current directors scrambling trying to recruit persons to run. That is because of a clause in the constitution that most members are not aware of. If there are less candidates eligible or willing to run for election than there are numbers
    of open Director’s seat(s), all events shall be suspended and the election re-scheduled.

    If not enough people step forward to run, then nobody gets to surf.

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