What makes a long board?

For that matter what is a shortboard?  How do you know which SSI board you should be using in a SLSA SSI competition? I found this old post on the SLSA forums, which I believe to still be accurate (note about accuracy-I am referring to board length and scripts):

Shortboard: 2.25 meters to 3.38 meters
Longboard: 3.38 meters to 4.41 meters 

The next comp at Cape Marauder is a longboard competition. So you need to make sure your board is between 3.38 meters and 4.41 meters. If you bought a stock (no mod) SSI longboard, you are probably safe. I haven’t checked every board sold off the shelf, so no guarantees. If you have bought a copy/mod board and have made no changes to the size of the board, you should be safe. If you have modded the size and/or shape of your board, you better check it.

The size refers to the visible prim. If it is a copy/mod board, you can check the size in edit mode (make sure you are checking the size of the visible prim). If you definitely want to check it, you can find a board checker at Cape Marauder. You lay your board on it and see what category it falls into.  It is the large white “L” shaped thingy with the red and green markers on it. (How’s that for technical?)

Script is also important. There are some old boards out there with outdated scripts (they don’t work too well anyway) and there is also an advanced script out there, which is not legal for competition. You want your script to be 5.1, 5.2, or 5.2 dlg. You can also check you script in edit mode and look at the contents. The legal board will have a script with one of those numbers after it.

Why is this important? Well, first you want to play legal and fair. Second, there will be RANDOM board checks to make sure they are legal. You do not want to be ready for your heat to start and find out that you can’t use the board your have been practicing on, especially if you do not have another board in your quiver.

Do yourself a huge favor and make sure that your board is legal! If you have any questions, you can ask a director or the captain of your surf team.


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