wave rider designs

Totally self-serving post here:

Many “old timers” may remember Flynn’s line of SSi surfboards sold under the name wave rider designs. This was before the last set of updates and are no longer available as a surfboard. BUT, I have re-released the designs. You can purchase the texture to place on your copy/mod SSi surfboard. They look great on both long and short boards!

Please note: this is the texture ONLY; you will not be buying a surfboard.

Flynn and I are very excited to be able to make his designs available again.

10 [wrd] board textures

Where can you get them? Glad you asked. I have opened a little shop on Chi called wave rider designs.  What else?

The textures are priced at 100L$ each. There are two 5-packs, a fractal set and a classic set, for 400L$ and a Fat Pack of all 10 designs for 700L$.


If you have any questions about the designs/textures, or how to use them, please do no hesitate to contact me in-world or by email (cierra_theriac[at]yahoo[dot]com).

wrd store_001


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