SLSA Tai Open Results


Date: March 15th at 11:00 AM SLT
Place: Tai
Wave: SSi Cortes
Board: SSi Shorboard (5.x series only)

  • In a 5 heat Open event all Open heat winners will advance to an Open event final.
  • In a 5 heat Open event all 5 heat winners* and the next 5 best scoring surfers** will automatically be qualified to compete in the Pro event for that competition.

Full event rules can be found on the SLSA Wiki.

Heat 1
Sarah Pevensey 13.66*
Brad Fresh 12.00**
Dax Verlaine 10.66
Kairi Corral 10.83
Coolkat Delicioso 13.50**
Zoso Zepp 11.33**
Kairi Corral 10.83

Heat 2
Ace 11.50*
Robbin Ember 10.66
Rachel Emodemon DNS
Ella Stygian DNS
KatieLove Adored 11.00
Summer Amaranth 8.66
William Laurence  8.50

Heat 3
Cierra Theriac 9.50
Missy Lovesu 9.83
Daphne Yardley-Wayward 7.83
Lanky Silvercloud 11.83**
followingwaves sirbu 13.16*
Matt “Turtle” Mapp 10.33
Shannon Cardalines 13.16*

Heat 4
Reigndrop 10.83
Nico 10.66
Curshaw MacTagairt 6.00
Alex Danger 11.66**
Wilfrid DeCuir 13.83*
Mrs Ŕσşé Μŏŕğáņ 9.50

Heat 5
Bri Graycloud DNS
mick Lunasea 2.82
Maryann Maa 11.66*
Annie Panties 11.50**
Diamond Carbetta 5.66
alliejj 11.00

Shannon Cardalines 13.83
following waves sirbu 13.83
Sarah Pevensey 13.16
Ace 13.00
Wilfrid DeCuir 12.50
Maryann Maa 9.00

KatieLove Adored
Kairi Corral

Event Coordinator – Sally
Head Judge – Maldrul Morris
Judge – Neptune Maa
Judge – JohnnyWhadd
Marshal – Cloudy Mikado
Security – Bobbi
DJ – SkanWolf

Top Twenty Surfers Pre-Qualified for Pro Event:
Bobbi Laval
Maldrul Morris
Neptune01 Resident
Kr1st3n (Kr1st3n Resident)
Colleen Brennan
Sally LaSalle
Monq Pinklady Mapp (Monq Pinklady)
Sunrize Mornington
Alvaro Pevensey, (Ignacio Pevensey)
Johnny Whadd
Lilly Kona ( Lilly Wumpole)
Dax Kona (13kuiz00 Resident)
Petra Xaris
MichaelRomani, (MichaelRomani Resident)
Rayzza Rubble
Harbor Piers
Van Valeeva
Robin Mapp
Roxyangel007 Resident
Lourinho Nizna
Zelda Zimberman

P.S. Something I learned the hard way—When doing your preflight preperations, you know, reducing prims, removing scripted objects, etc, add Removing the ability for any media to play while you are surfing. Sorry you won’t be able to hear the D.J.. Turn on iTunes for the time if you need music when you surf. And who doesn’t?


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