Bundy Reef

Bundy Reef is a beautiful new surf sim brought to us by Bobbi Laval LaSalle. A quiet place to hang with friends on the beach or surf your heart out. It is a full sim, with all that brings, and is low lag. There are no rentals and the only shop is Bobbi’s Something Surfy. Just sand and waves and great little islands to hang out on.

Bundy Reef_001

Bundy Reef_002

Bundy Reef_003

Bundy Reef_004

Bundy Reef_005

Bundy Reef_006

Bundy Reef_007

Bundy Reef_008

Bundy Reef_009

Bundy Reef_010

Bundy Reef_011

Bundy Reef_012

This is what Bobbi has to tell us about Bundy Reef:

Welcome to Bundy Reef Community Surf Sim.
Please enjoy your visit, you may hangout, surf, explore and enjoy all of the beach areas and even underwater. But please follow a few simple rules:
*   Be nice and respect other visitors.
*   If you rez something, clean up after yourself
*   This sim is not a public sandbox, so please do not use it as such.
*   Sky boxes and platforms are off-limits to visitors.
*   No unnecessary nudity, topless is ok if nobody around is offended.
*   And no biting, griefing, spamming, pushing, or any of that kind of stuff.
Visiting Bundy Reef:
The main shoreline is available for visitors to rez surfboards.
Board rezzers are also available on corner of beach.
Group members may rez boards anywhere, and to a reasonable extent free to temporarily rez other objects as long as they clean up and don’t interfere with the sim or visitors and fit in with the nature and purpose of a surf beach.
Visitors are free to explore the beach and use any facilities available.
If you wish to join the Bundy Reef Surf Community group, ask any member for an invite.
Bundy Reef is a community based and operated surf sim.
The Community is operated and run by volunteers. The Community Directors are Bobbi Laval, Sally LaSalle, and Kantbe Thursday.  Community members are allowed to have parties, host events, DJ, etc. Those interested in volunteering should contact Bobbi Laval.
There are no residential or commercial rentals available at Bundy Reef. Chi next door has available residential and commercial space.  Many other surf sims in SL also have space available. In the future virtual sims may be available on a very limited  basis. Contact Bobbi for information.
There are a couple of rental homes located directly behind Bundy Reef on Chi that have an awesome view of the beach and sim.


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2 responses to “Bundy Reef

  1. I think its Awesome and more Awesome to come 😛
    btw, Bundy, like neighbors Chi and Tai is a Full Region, with lots of awesome sim power 🙂

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