SLSA Event Rules Changes-New Board Certification

SLSA+logo1Added to the event rules are procedures to certify new scripted surfboards for use in SLSA sanctioned competitions. It was not stated whether HP5 and LSD boards are already certified or if the only need to be certified if they undergo script changes. The rules regarding board certification are posted on the SLSA wiki and are as follows:

4.2 Surfboard Approval

4.2.1 When a new surfboard/script is proposed for competition use in official SLSA surfer ranking competitions, the SLSA Board of Directors will present the proposed surfboard to SLSA members in the SLSA Forums.
4.2.2 SLSA members will be given no less than one week and up to eight weeks as determined appropriate by the Directors, to ride and test the board. SLSA Members can then post any comments, suggestions, and concerns about the proposed board in the forums.
4.2.3 After members have been given a chance to post their comments, suggestions, and concerns about the proposed surfboard, then the SLSA Board of Directors will make a decision if the proposed surfboard could be considered for use in official SLSA surfer ranking competitions. The decision shall be based on a majority of opinion of the Directors on, if the proposed surfboard can be fairly used in competition. If it is decided that competitions could not fairly be held, then the proposed board will be dropped from consideration and reason(s) why posted in forums. “Fairly used” meaning such things as; that all SLSA Members have the same opportunity of access to the surfboard, the board can not be unfairly tampered with, that each wave ride can be scored consistently against the scoring criteria, etc..
4.2.4 If the SLSA Board of Directors decide that official SLSA surf competition could be fairly conducted on the proposed board, then the matter will be brought to the eligible voting members who are currently eligible to vote in Director Elections. Eligible members will vote on whether or not to adapt the proposed board for use in official SLSA competitions. The proposed board will be adopted for use in official SLSA competitions if a simple majority of eligible members who vote agree that the proposed board should be adopted.
4.2.5 This process only makes a proposed board eligible to be used in official SLSA competitions. The Surfboard Type for each competition is a decision made by the SLSA Board of directors during season planning. A surfboard may become eligible, but not necessarily selected for that season.

We will have to see what this does to the Da Hui series that tentatively scheduled the new Revolution system boards for the competition as well as the Tsunami series with the LSD board pending approval. I think it is important that we as surfers are able to give our feedback regarding the boards we use in competition, given that it is the ultimately the boards decision which board is used in which competition. Of course the hope is that this process can be conducted cleanly, fairly and quickly. I for one am waiting to see what comes up (hopefully very soon) in regards to this current season.

What are your thoughts on this new development?



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10 responses to “SLSA Event Rules Changes-New Board Certification

  1. I think 4.2.4 contains a typo: “adapt” should be “adopt” (unless they really do mean “adapt,” meaning that they would change the board for competitions, which I don’t think they mean). Apart from that, this is very well and clearly worded. This change will help prevent controversies like the minor one we saw last December. It’s to the Association’s credit that such controversies have been few and far between (as far as I’ve seen, at least). 🙂

    • I am all for making things run more smoothly and giving the “surfers” (in the broad sense) what they want. We elect the board members to represent us. This way they can take our thoughts into consideration when making decisions. I don’t think I ever have been asked what I thought about a certain board, or wave for that matter.

  2. Colleen Brennan

    I would agree it is good to have an official policy that requires evaluation. I also think it is important that if a board/ or wave for that matter is not certified that the reasons for non-certification be published and addressed. As far as the LSD board goes I would argue that this is pretty much what has happened. The concerns the board raised have been corrected. I would have liked overall if the time period for certification was shorter but I respect that the people making the rules are already hard pressed with a lot of other business. I am not one generally in favor of rules rules and more rules but it is good to at least have a black and white policy so that a board-maker knows what to expect. If th board has to publish any objections and allow a certain and definite policy for reevaluation when changes are made if objections were raised also protects the SLSA Board from being perceived as having a self interest in which boards are sanctioned. For example, before the HP board was allowed I would often hear accusations that members of the SLSA board sought to keep the Hp out of competition simply because they were not the best on it and wanted to maintain their ranking. Other conspiracy theories were also popular such as that the members of the SLSA Board had a financial stake in not allowing another board to be used. These rules if executed correctly should allow a fair evaluation, a period to make changes if any concerns are raised, and then a certification. The main thing to remember too is that the SLSA’s primary mission is to promote virtual surfing in all its forms. In the past when the SLSA resisted innovation without any set policies or provisions it lead directly to divisiveness in the SL surfing community. People in favor of a board that was rejected in an arbitrary manner then became embittered and anti SLSA. A good policy in place can avoid this happening again. The same applies to waves.

  3. “Fairly used” meaning such things as; that all SLSA Members have the same opportunity of access to the surfboard, the board can not be unfairly tampered with, that each wave ride can be scored consistently against the scoring criteria, etc.

    SSI Surfboards need approval as past rules are null and void. 3 scripts, mod vs stock = tampered with.

    • It’s kinda a shame we can’t go back to the good ol’ days where everyone got a board to use (and keep) for a competition. Yeah, yeah, I know, there are a whole other set of problems with that. I was just reminiscing. Certainly leveled the playing field though.

      • Let’s be honest here. I’m gonna piss off everyone with the truth. There has NEVER been a level playing field. Success in SLSA competition is dictated by who’s your partner, friend, team mate. nepotism period. Connect the dots, do a look back at who scored big and who was head judge and or director at time. Who avoided surfing to protect points by judging, This is what I’ve seen since 2008 in EVERY surf contest sanctioned by ANYONE in SL.

  4. I suggest putting all prize money in a sploder or contest board, a surf party is held for 2 hours, no need for judges. everyone is paid down to last place. Random winners, no whiners.

    For the record In my surfing career I won 1 open contest. I don’t know if i was best rider that day or not. The only reason I think i won is HJ was my friend, my gf judged.

  5. JT Castanea

    Wow…Word Brother Mick…REAL TALK now…

  6. Colleen Brennan

    Mick I love the sploder idea. As far as the day you won I thought you were pretty darn great and knowing the judge you are talking about I think if anything you won despite your relationship because she would be morel likely to be harder on you out of not wanting to play favorites. That is something we forget too. There is even more pressure on a fair minded person to not want to indicate any hint of favoritism and they might actually make it even harder for a friend, relative, whatever. I have been doing this for years and for the life of me I still never know what judges want to see. The main fun for me is sharing the highs and lows with friends. The ones I root the hardest for are the ones like you….who surf for the enjoyment of it. You have always been the first one to hare that with others too. I am proud to SurfCrazy and loved being invited to surf fests. I will be happy to cohost the first-ever sploder comp too.

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