SLSA Announces Candidates for Board of Directors

SLSA+logo1Announced in the SLSA forums yesterday were the candidates for 2 open seats on the Board of Directors. Elections to be held March 1st. If you are an eligible voter, (you have competed in one of the last 6 events or volunteered in one of the last 3 events or are a hall of fame inductee), you will receive a notice when voting is open. Rules for elections, candidates, and voting can be found here.

Below are their submission for consideration:

I’m Alvaro Pevensey, I’m willing and able to commit my time and serve a full term. I’m a member of Team Da Hui, I don’t own any products I don’t want to sell anything, buy anything, or process anything as profit. I don’t want to sell anything bought or processed, or buy anything sold or processed, or process anything sold, bought, or processed, or repair anything sold, bought, or processed. You know, as an SL thing,, I don’t want to do that., I just love to surf.

I started surfing around the start of 2009, On Mori. Have surfed on most surf sims that have come and gone since then. I started competing last season, the second of 2012 and absolutely loved it. My wife Sarah and I are fully commited to the surfing community. I see the SLSA as a link between us all, keeping surf alive and helping others to love surfing for the sake of surfing. I’m a canadian, proudly a real life Great Lakes surfer, (as crazy as some might think that is), living in Toronto, I’ve worked in advertising all my life, I’m fully bilingual, english/spanish, and would like to contribute with that to the SLSA and all its members, current and all new members we might turn to the dark side… :P

That’s about it, thank you.

– Alvaro

I Roxy (roxyangel007) would like to be considered as a candidate for an SLSA Director position. I am willing and able to serve for a full term commencing March 1, 2014 and feel its time for me to give back to the SLSA by volunteering my services.
Currently I’m a Pro surfer and co-captain for Tai Chi Zen Surf Team and am not affiliated with any Surf sim.

I will have been in SL for 2 years and have been an active member of the SLSA for nearly a year. I only wish I had discovered the SLSA earlier as I feel there is no other pastime in SL that can bring such fun while at the same time make you feel part of a big family.!

I love to laugh, am the eternal optimist and am eager to help the SLSA continue to be the type of organization that people are proud to be a member by providing them the opportunity to meet new people, broaden their horizons and increase their inworld surfing skills. I bring a positive attitude and willingness to learn and will humbly draw from the experience of those that have gone before me.

My vision for the SLSA is a simple one… I would like to see it continue to be an organization where its members can grow and learn new skills in a positive environment.

I, Maldrul Morris, am fully willing and able to accept a position as SLSA director if elected.

I am currently co-captain and surf for Team Montego.

I have been competing in SLSA sponsored events since 2008. I am a fair and honest elf with a good work ethic and will do my best to fulfill the duties of SLSA director if elected. I will work tirelessly to guide the SLSA to provide the most fair and balanced events in order to maximize the enjoyment by both veterans and new surfers alike.

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