SLSA 2013 Season 2 Ceremony

It ain’t a party until you crash the sim. And that we did. But in true SLSA spirit good humor was maintained. Connie DeCosta Luik even offered to move the ceremony over to her sim. But once the San Diego sim came back on line, it performed wonderfully.

2013 2 ceremony_001

Damn, we are a good looking group

I apologize for not having more pictures, but I crashed 10 times (no not exaggerating) trying to take pictures and gave up.

2013 2 ceremony_002

No shoes for me, no shirt for Flynn 😉

Individually honored were the staff: Event Coordinators, Judges, Marshals, Security Officers, DJs, Rashie and Trophy Designers, as well as,  the Sponsors and Competition Sims.

2013 2 Ceremony_009

Top Ten – in no particular order

Top Ten Individual Surfers:
1. Abel Halderman
2. Sunrize Mornington
3. Jordan Mendle Halderman
4. Roxy Angel
5. Maldrul Morris
6. Robin Mapp
7. Willow Wynn
8. Cierra Theriac
9. Zelda Zimberman
10. Harbor Piers

Top Three Teams:
1. Tsunami
2. Montego
3. Da Hui

Special Awards were given out for

Angel Award: Cierra Theriac

Sportsperson: Zelda Zimberman

Rookie of the Season: Pink Koala

Most Improved: Roxy Angel

Hall of Fame Inductees: Abel Halderman and Sunrize Mornington, and for their contributions to SL surfing and the SLSA, Robin Mapp and Xander Datura

2013 2 ceremony_003

2013 2 ceremony_004

MC – Bobbi Laval LaSalle

2013 2 ceremony_005

2013 2 Ceremony_006

Directors and Presenters: Robin Mapp, Bobbi LaSalle, Xander Datura

Abel and Jordan Halderman

Abel and Jordan Halderman


I can’t wait for 2014 Season 1 to start. C’ya out on the waves!

It may be a bit self-serving, but Nico wrote such a beautiful speech when she gave me the Angel Award, that I had to post it. I was so touched by receiving this, I can’t even explain how much. You don’t have to read it, if you don’t want to.

What embodies and Angel Selflessness Reaching out to others going the extra mile and finding the time to double that. Why does an Angel do these things… For pride? no. For recognition? no. The person the embodies the spirit of the angel They do it because it is who they are. To the Angel satisfaction is found in others not in the self. When looking at this years candidate it is not hard to see that action and in spirit.

This person works very hard week in and week out. When the comps have wrapped and surfers have left the beach this person is still in
a mode of work. Giving to the community is just part of life for this seasons recipient. Encouragement Advice and friendship are the
cornerstones of this Angels personality, as is sharing tips and techniques.

I often find that those who have the most obstacles in their paths are quite often the ones that see the essence of life with the most
clarity. This person has their share of those. I worked side by side with this Angel saw how, what was right and just, supper ceded
personal will. There is a calm about this person and it is contagious. As a fellow Director I was privileged to see a
beautiful mind at work, Like many of you have seen as well.

Let me give her away. Order of importance: First and foremost her husband then her family and then her surf family. Giving comes so
naturally to her that she sees her time helping out the community as relaxation. Those were almost her exact words to me one day. As I
mentioned she was a Director, she is a mentor and a voice of reason, she is the essence of a handshake. She tirelessly publishes
article after article to an often quiet but ever present audience in Surf Side. We all have come to watch our placement, our events.
and our pictures populate her wonderful publication.

This sums her up pretty well. She came to me to set up a sponsorship when I was a director, I asked “How do you want it to
read”? she said with a smile, “I don’t care I just want to give to the SLSA.” I added the link so her great work could be found; she
didn’t even ask for that. I am a fan of her work it is quite often how we all keep up with current events. I am very proud to pass
this seasons Angel Award to Cierra Theriac. Cierra you are an Angel and a friend to all congratulations.

2013 2 Ceremony_011

My 8th place season end award

2013 2 Ceremony_012

And my Angel Award 🙂


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7 responses to “SLSA 2013 Season 2 Ceremony

  1. Xander

    You truly are an angel!! Love ya Cie!

  2. Kantbe Thursday

    I can’t think of anyone more deserving of the Angel Award. Congratulations, Cie!!!

    • Thanks KB. It’s hard to feel deserving when I am only doing something I love, whether it is surfing, hanging out with everyone, or writing about it.

  3. That’s awesome, Cierra, and I’m so glad you were recognized. I love your blog–my home computer has issues with the official SLSA site, but I can always get on here and it’s sometimes my only source for news. You always have a unique take on each event and it’s a pleasure to read your entries.

    I’m glad for everyone who was recognized–and also those who weren’t, including each and every one who’s surfed in a comp. We wouldn’t have comps without surfers to surf in them, and we’ve been fortunate to have a wide variety of surfers–beginning, intermediate, advanced–newbies surfing right beside old hands. I’ve loved that from the time I was a noob, back in ’11. So everyone who reads this, please take a moment and give yourself a round of applause. I mean it. Literally. (It’s probably not a good idea to do it where other people might see you and look at you strangely.)


    • Cursh- I would love to be able to recognize everyone who has ever surfed in a competition. They are the heart of the SLSA more than the people that win the awards. There are people out there that have never stood on the podium, won and awards, or even made it out of the prelims. Yet, they keep coming back, bringing their stoke and vibe and fun with them to keep competing. I would high-5 every surfer who keeps competing (or coming to support) just for the fun of it. Hugs Cursh!

      • Thank you! I agree with every word, and “fun” is the heart of it. Somehow I’ve actually managed to win a few trophies, but the fun is what really, really matters–I’d do it just for the fun, camaraderie and good will even if there were no trophies.

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