SLSA Hut Decorating Contest

It was time to get our holiday spirit on and decorate our huts at Solace Dreams. The contest is designed to raise funds by having people vote on their favorite decorated hut. I was excited that the Surf Side hut got 10 votes! Until I wandered next door and saw they had 192. Oh well, it is the thought that counts 🙂

Cie and Santa_007 Cie and Santa_009 Cie and Santa_008 Cie and Santa_006 Cie and Santa_005 Cie and Santa_004 Cie and Santa_003 Cie and Santa_002 Cie and Santa_001



Filed under SLSA Fundraiser

4 responses to “SLSA Hut Decorating Contest

  1. Abel

    All of the huts look great!

  2. Anonymous

    Is it wrong to stuff the ballot box for the Surf Side hit and justify it that it is for the good of the SLSA?

  3. Cierra

    Okay Anonymous = Cierra… Sheesh my own blog doesn’t recognize me.

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