SLSA Tsunami Beach Pro Results


First off, I apologize for getting this out a little late, but I was a tad busy yesterday. Just check out the results 😉

I can’t tell you how excited I was yesterday. So we have to await the final results for the season for a bit.  And the surfers had to endure being caught in the rip-tide seam of the wave and surf-offs. But it was such an awesome day, I think we can forgive any shortcomings. I don’t know about anybody else, but it was the perfect end to my season. I am already sorry it is over and impatient for the next season to start.

Without further ado:

Date: Dec 14th
Place: Tsunami Beach
Wave: Maoli Monster
Board: LSD (rezzer board only)

TSU Pro_013

1st – Bobbi LaSalle – 16.50
2nd – Wilfrid Decuir – 15.50
3rd – Zelda Zimberman – 15.00
4th – Robin Mapp – 14.83
5th – Abel Halderman – 14.50
6th – Cierra Theriac – 13.33

TSU Pro_002

Heat 1
Roxyangel – 12.50
Rachel Emodemon – 10.33
Zelda Zimberman – 14.66**
Wilfrid Decuir – 14.83*
Ella Anastasia -11.16

Heat 2
Maldrul Morris – 13.16
Cierra Theriac – 14.83**
Lily Kona -13.66
Sarah Pevensey – 14.33**
Bobbi Lavalle – 15.33*

TSU Pro_004

Heat 3
Willow Wynn – 13.16
Alvaro Pevensey – 11.66
Shannon Cardalines –  11.33
Sally LaSalle – 14.50*
Tawnielee – 11.16

Heat 4
Jordan Mendle Halderman – 13.66
Ashoka Mosely -DNC
Petra Xaris – 12.66
Monq Mapp – 14.00*
Kr1st3n – 12.50
Kristoffer – 12.66

TSU Pro_005

Heat 5
Abel Halderman – 14.66*
Robin Mapp – 13.66**
Robbin Ember – 13.50
Neptune Maa – 14.16**
Dax Verlane – 13.66**

Heat 6
Sunrize Mornington – 11.66
Harbor Piers – 11.66
Colleen Brennan – 12.16
Dax Kona – 12.00
Reigndrop – 13.16
Bethany Felismo – 13.50*

Heat Winners* and next 6 High Scores** advance to Semi-Finals
Surf-off for last 2 spots in Semi-finals –  Dax Verlaine and Robin Mapp advance

Getting Surf-off instructions

Getting Surf-off instructions

Semi Final 1
Sally LaSalle – 13.16
Monq Mapp – 8.83
Cierra Theriac  – 14.33*
Dax Verlaine – 13.83

Semi Final 2
Bobbi Lavalle – 15.33*
Abel Halderman – 14.66**
Sarah Pevensey  – 10.33
Neptune Maa – 14.50

Semi Final 3
Wilfrid Decuir – 15.50**
Bethany Felismo – 13.83
Zelda Zimberman – 15.83*
Robin Mapp – 15.33**

Semi-Final Heat winners* and next top 3 Scores** advance to the Finals

TSU Pro_001

Event Coordinator/MC – Robin Mapp, Alvaro Pevensey
Head Judge – Xander Lunasea
Judge – Mick Lunasea
Judge – Countess DeCosta (Connie)
Marshall – Neptune Maa
Security – Neptune Maa, Mary Ann Maa
DJ – Samantha Lane

Full event rules can be found on the SLSA Wiki.

Also important: At the end of the season we honor and celebrate, not only the surfing, but the sportsmanship, selflessness, and all around goodness of people in our community. Check out the forums and vote for: SLSA Hall of Fame, Angel Award, and Sportspersonship Award.

TSU Pro_003

TSU Pro_007

Screen Shot 2013-12-14 at 4.50.26 PM

Screen Shot 2013-12-15 at 10.56.14 AM



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2 responses to “SLSA Tsunami Beach Pro Results

  1. The LSD and MAOLI wave together may have frustrated some. Each are fabulous products. Together the wave and board proved to be the most challenging stop on this SLSA season. After watching, judging, thinking on it I conclude it was the most realistic feeling of unpredictable conditions ever, like real surfing. I yelled at every one of you verbally in rl, look out! or no don’t go there, yikes! I rezzed a board and rode in after the finals, I was 10m off the face then snap the wave rezzed. I shot the bump/crack and straightened out… its great to be a surfer.

    • I know there was some grumbling about getting stuck in the seam and not getting a redo, I might have grumbled a little myself. I got lucky though and it only happened in one wave each heat. So that was my throw away wave. But I think overall there were a lot more positive feelings about the comp. There was still a strong good vibe. I was having a blast! And did you notice, I finished 6th! Considering how my practices were going, I am stoked with that. I can’t wait to see what next season holds for us.

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