Meet the Candidates for SLSA Board of Directors

SLSA+logo1On December 1st, there will be an election for 3 seats becoming available on the SLSA Board of Directors. Five amazing people have submitted themselves for your consideration. Any and all of them would be wonderful additions to the board; this is going to be tough to only chose three. Election rules and eligibility for voting can be found in the SLSA Constitution. You want to read Section 2. Voting is done by a super-duper fancy voting box that will be located on the SLSA home sim at Solace Dreams, most likely at the entrance to the clubhouse. Keep an eye on your Group Notices in-world and the forums for the most up-to-date information.

The candidates for membership on the SLSA Board of Directors areas follows:


My Name is JohnnyWhadd and I wish to stand for election and an SLSA Director. I am willing and able to serve the full six month term from the dates needed of me and/or beyond.

As a person who lives life to love, laugh & learn, I have been fortunate enough to provide my efforts and my skill-set in a variety of capacities. First, starting in High School, i volunteered at St. Josephs Hospital as an ER tech, then, moved to FLA where I learned to surf in rl and worked as a p/t lifeguard in Grayton Beach. This is where I learned to surf and to love mother ocean. Through the next decade, I found myself helping out with AWARE (animal Welfare and rescue) Habitat for Humanity, Red Cross, i am a certified C.E.R.T. volunteer, I’ve managed fund-raising efforts for the GRRA (Golden Retriever Rescue of Atlanta), and recently, Have been assisting in the educating of our youth in the areas of our Constitution and 2nd amendment rights. I was taught at an early age that it’s really not about what ya got, but rather what you give! So I am here to be the best person i can, to help and recruit newcomers and to win as many comps as possible. >.<

I would like to gain a healthy knowledge base which would allow for possibly another term as a director.

In the year I have been a part of the SLSA, I am gaining more and more of an understanding of what this great organization is all about. At the moment, the only critical need i see is the need to raise money to fund this organization. I will keep an open mind to assess and apply my best efforts in sustaining the SLSA.


I have read the SLSA Constitution, and understand the importance of how the SLSA is organized and somewhat of how it operates. it was created in the first place.


I am sending my Intent to run to the current sitting directors:
Bobbi Laval
Robin Mapp
Petra Xaris
Dax Verlaine
Alvaro Pevensy


I, Maldrul Morris, am fully willing and able to accept a position as SLSA director if elected.

I currently surf for Team Montego.

I have been competing in SLSA sponsored events since 2008. I am a fair and honest elf with a good work ethic and will do my best to fulfill the duties of SLSA director if elected. I will work tirelessly to guide the SLSA to provide the most fair and balanced events in order to maximize the enjoyment by both veterans and new surfers alike.


I, Petra Xaris, am one of the sitting Directors of SLSA. Being a director of SLSA has really been a great experience for me. While my first term is coming to an end, I feel like there is still so much more I’d like to accomplish. I’d really enjoy the chance to continue for another 6 month term which I am able to commit to.

I am not a member of any surf team and am not affiliated with any sims. I’ll do my best to represent all members of SLSA to the best of my abilities. Thank you :)


I Sunrize Mornington wish to add my name to run for Director on December 1 2013.

I am a co-Captain of Montego and willing to serve a full term. I own the team sim for Montego.

I was a director once before and understand the work involved to be a director. I was the SLSA sim Manager/officer and would love to have that position again. I have been an active surfer in the SLSA since 2008 and feel a kinship to all surfers, no matter what team, if any, they surf on. I have more ideas how to raise money for Solace Dreams and for the SLSA. Parties on Solace have always seemed to bring in donations, so did the raffles. Moving forward I think contests for the huts and costume contest for seasonal events could help as well.

I believe the SLSA needs a balance of the old waves and boards and the new ones. Keeping the old around is a way to teach the new surfers about the SLSA’s beginnings and how things were done. (It is also nostalgic and brings back happy memories of sims, waves and surfers of our past.) Bringing in the new moves us forward and adds new fun to the surfing and keeps us from becoming stagnant.

Communication with the members has improved greatly. I believe now we need to encourage the members to use the forums and communicate more with the directors.

Most of all we need to keep a mood of fun and not drama to the organization.

Thanks for your time,
Sunrize Mornington


SLSA Directors & Members,

My name is Xander Datura, and this notecard represents my request for candiacy in the upcoming director election.
I am willing and able to serve my full six month term needed for this position. I am a co-captain for team Surfcrazy.
I have served a term as a director before, as well as trained and served as a marshal, EC, judge and head judge, and worked on several projects within the surfing community in SL.
I work closely with, but do not profit from many other sports organizations in SL as well.

Over the past few years, the people that make up the surfing community have become my family. I am close with many, and would love the chance to once again serve and give back to the members that have given me this home. My goals are to continue to test and evolve the equipment and procedures within the organization, to give the membership the absolute best experience possible. I would also love it, if i can, to help bridge the gaps of some of the past falling outs and help promote positive discussion amoungst the membership and community. I also plan to continue to expand and promote surfing to other sports group members, as well as offer resources to our members to try other sports they might be interested in. I am a positive thinker, solution oriented, and think I have a great asset in my ability to work well with others,
without compromising my values. I am able to keep things professional, and will agree to disagree if needed,
without it becoming personal. You all know me :) and how I roll.. But let me show you how far we can go with me as a tire :D

Thank you for your consideration again,
Xander Datura



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