Montego vs. Tsunami – UPDATED

Updated – cuz I don’t know how to read… The entire comp is being held at Tsunami. The other two sims are practice locations for the other two waves that will be used in the competition.

Surf teams Montego and Tsunami are joining forces and going head to head in a competition to benefit the SLSA. The two teams will compete against each other in a friendly duel!

   LOGO TSUNAMI SURF VS.montego1 logo

The event will take place on Saturday, November 23rd beginning at noon SLT. The public is welcome to cheer the surfers on.

In this unique format there will be three rounds, each on different boards and waves. To level the playing field, surfers will be using rezzer board only.

Round One: Maverick wave, SSi longboard
Round Two: Joaquina wave, HP surfboard
Round Three: SSi Pipeline wave, SSi shortboard

Scoring will be according to the SLSA judging criteria.

Team results will be based on the average of individual scores of all of the surfers representing the team in each round. E.g. if surfer X gets to the Final, all 3 of the scores the surfer got (Round 1, Round 2, and Final) will count for the average.

The spectator stands will be located at Tsunami Beach and SLSA donation jars will be rezzed at the competition stands. It goes without saying that donations are highly appreciated!

This should be an awesome and most of all, FUN event. Please come join in the festivities! Support your fellow surfers and the SLSA.

Practice locations are as follows:
Round One: Tsunami Beach, Maverick wave, SSi longboard
Round Two: Island Sea Dreams, Joaquina wave, HP surfboard
Round Three: Montego Isle, SSi Pipeline wave, SSi shortboard

Thank you to Abel Halderman for providing the information for the event 🙂



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