SLSA 7th Annual Chi Fluffy Challenge Open Results


On Saturday, Nov 9th we gathered at Tai and  Chi to watch the SLSA 7th Annual Chi Fluffy Challenge. Using SSi short boards, the surfers took on the SSi Fluffies. Two things that were literally made for each other.

  • In a 5 heat Open event all Open heat winners will advance to an Open event final.
  • In a 5 heat Open event all 5 heat winners* and the next 5 best scoring surfers** will automatically be qualified to compete in the Pro event for that competition.


Heat 1
Zelda Zimberman – 13.16*
Neptune01 – 12.50**
TawnieLee – 9.00
EllaAnastasia – 11.83**
Jen Gustafson – DNS

Heat 2
shannon Cardalines – 14.50*
Mick Lunaseas – 8.50
Reigndrop – 10.83
Fuzzy Cheeks – DNS
Zoso Zepp – 13.33**

Heat 3
RomanDevereaux – DNS
Kr1st3n – 12.83**
Dax Verlaine – DNS
Allina – 13.50*
alliejj1 – 4.67

Heat 4
Michael Romani – DNS
Rose Morgan – DNS
Diamond Carbetta  – 10.83
Annie Panties – 11.33**
Rayzza Rubble – 12.66*

Heat 5
Bethany Felisimo – 10.83
Missy Lovesu – 10.66
KatieLove Adored – 13.00*
Curshaw MacTagairt – 8.50
Sticky Sweet – DNS
Fonda Fugue – 10.66


1st Zelda Zimberman – 14.50
2nd Katie Love Adored – 13.66
3rd Allina – 13.50
4th Shannon Cardalines – 13.16
5th Rayzza Rubble – 11.50


Event Coordinator – Sally LaSalle
Head Judge – Bobbi Laval
Judge – Alvaro Pevensey
Judge – Imzadi Amaterasu
Marshal – Cloudy Mikado
Security Officer – Sally LaSalle

Top 20 Pre-Qualified Surfers for the Pro Event to be held Saturday, November 16th
Jordan Halderman
Sunrize Mornington
Abel Halderman
Maldrul Morris
Robin Mapp
Colleen Brennan
Petra Xaris
Cierra Theriac
Robbin Ember
Pink Kellerman
Lily Kona
Harbor Piers
Monq Mapp
Alvaro Pevensey
Sarah Pevensey
Dax Kona

Full event rules can be found on the SLSA Wiki.

See ya all next week!


Screen Shot 2013-11-09 at 3.11.06 PM



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2 responses to “SLSA 7th Annual Chi Fluffy Challenge Open Results

  1. Fluffies are a challenge–as they say, if you can surf fluffies you can surf anything–so a low score here doesn’t mean you’re a bad surfer. I’m excited as always to see so many new faces joining the venerable old names, and doing so well!

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