Carpe Diem Surf

I stopped by Carpe Diem Surf to hang out and relax, and surf. 🙂 Carpe Diem Surf is beautiful and it is obvious that a lot of thoughtful detail was put into it. Next door (Carpe Diem II) is the site of stop 3 in the SLSA 2013 Season 2.


the Landing Spot:  a perfect place to relax and take it all in

the Landing Spot: a perfect place to relax and take it all in








I asked owner Valium Lavender about Carpe Diem Surf, and here are some of her thoughts:

Vally is pleased to announce that she has added a new sim next door to her Carpe Diem Surf. The new sim is simply called Carpe Diem Two. However, not much will be done design-wise. Vally acquired the sim solely for an October SLSA Surf Competition. A few trees, chairs, and a hot tub, and of course an HP Jaws wave and SSI longboard rezzer. are all that exist there now and it will most likely stay that way. . Carpe Diem Two is a homestead sim.

Vally says “after the comp I plan to just kick back and enjoy my sims and my friends because I will be closing both sims in December.” “I will be leaving SL for awhile to take care of some health issues but don’t be surprised if I pop in from time to time to say hello. No sim is required for that and the nomad existence might be fun along with a camera by my side!”

“Most people don’t realize I’ve been in SL 7 years now and it’s time I take my brain out of the virtual reality world and do something more productive and more conducive to a healthier lifestyle. My family will be grateful as well.”





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8 responses to “Carpe Diem Surf

  1. I agree that Carpe Diem I is a very lovely place but Capre Diem two or rather the JAWS wave is, in my opinion, on a very short run and upon the end of its very short run, offers the surfer nothing more then an abrupt dump onto the beach, or from my personal experiences so far, right smack dab in that little travel trailer everytime. I hope other surfers will; see this as well as Val and make the necessary adjustment(s) prior to comp time.

    • Vally Lavender

      Partly, these type of petty criticisms are EXACTLY why I am getting out of sim ownership for the benefit of surfers/surfing. or at least talk to me personally rather than making a federal case in a blog? It’s ridiculous. Do you own a sim Johnny? You should try it some time… If you don’t like a wave I paid $20,000 lindens for then don’t register to surf is MY opinion. Might I also remind you the SlSA board approved using the wave. The Jaws wave from HP has been a long loved wave. Regarding the trailer; I’ll just put the trailer in inventory. Less lag for you anyway. lol

      • Well Val I really didnt mean to make such a petty criticism nor upset anyone please know that it was not my intention. I was only expressing my concern as I feel I have a right to being a SLSA member.

  2. and did you not see how i prefaced said petty criticism???? Guess not since you want to criticize me now!

  3. Vally Lavender

    Look all I’m saying is there is a time and place for things of this nature and this is not it. This is my last post on the matter. I fixed the sim to your liking go take a look.

  4. Thank you both for participating in a conversation about this. i appreciate being able to facilitate meaningful dialogue. I think that any questions, concerns, or comments about any competition site should be directed to the sim owner and/or SLSA Board Member(s). I am going to call this matter on this particular forum closed.

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