SLSA Island Sea Dreams Pro Results

SLSA+logo1Dates:Sept 21st at 11:00 AM SLT
Place: Island Sea Dreams
Wave: Maoli
Board: HP5

In case you aren’t glued to the SLSA forums, I got scooped, but that made my life easier as I could just pull the results from there. 🙂 It was a great contest, a lot of fun, and one day I will learn to master the HP5 board.  

I apologize for not having a lot of pretty pictures for you all, but I marshaled this event and the typing was fast and furious and didn’t give any time for picture taking. By the way, working an event and training to be a marshal and/or judge is something everyone should consider.


1st-Harbor Piers 15.33
2nd-Robin Mapp 15.17
3rd-Abel Halderman 15.00
4th-WillowWynn 14.50
4th-Sunrize Mornington 14.50
6th-Maldrul Morris 12.17

The Finalists

The Finalists

SemiFinal 1
JohnnyWhadd 14.00
Maldrul Morris 15.00 **
Ace 13.17
Sunrize Mornington 14.83 *

SemiFinal 2
Robin Mapp 14.17 *
Abel Halderman 15.67 **
Harbor Piers 15.50 *
Colleen Brennan 14.17 *

SemiFinal 3
WillowWynn 14.17 **
Pinkkoala 13.33
RoxyAngel 13.50
Kirsten 0.00 (DNS)
Dax Kona 13.67

SemiFInal Surf Off (two wave decider, surfers remained tied after first wave!)
Robin Mapp (winner) 20.5
Colleen Brennan 18.5

**Heat Winner
*Next highest qualifying scores for Finals

Heat 1
Sunrize Mornington 13.67 *
Colleen Brennan 13.67 *
Mick Lunasea 11.50
JohnnyWhadd 14.17 **
Dax Kona 13.50

Heat 2
Jordan Halderman 12.67
Monq Pinklady 12.83
Robin Mapp 14.33 **
Alvaro Pevensey 13.00
Sarah Pevensey 13.00
Kristen (Kr1st3n) 13.67 *

Heat 3
Roxyangel007 14.67 *
WillowWynn 14.83 **
Neptune01 11.67
Rose Morgan 12.67
Agent Bart 13.17

Heat 4
Petra Xariis 12.83
Maldrul Morris 13.67 **
Followingwaves 11.50
RomanDevereaux 12.83
Pinkkoala 13.67 **

Heat 5
Abel Halderman 15.83 **
Lily Kona 13.50 * (surf off)
Missy Lovesu 11.83
Harbor Piers 15.67 *
TawnieLee Rotary 12.00

Heat 6
Ace 14.00 **
Robbin Ember 13.33
Cierra Theriac 12.67
Bethany Felisimo 11.33
Michael Romani 12.50

Prelim Surf Off 
Dax Kona (winner) 21
Lilly Kona 19.5

** Heat winner
*Next highest scores qualifying for the SemiFinals

Event Coordinator: Petra Xaris
MC: Dax Kona
Head Judge: Sally LaSalle
Judge: Figger Arun
Judge: Bobbi Laval-LaSalle
Marshall: Cierra Theriac (sub: Monq Mapp)
Security: Countess Decosta
DJ: Pronvelle Cristole

Screen Shot 2013-09-21 at 6.41.44 PM

Screen Shot 2013-09-21 at 6.41.31 PM

Full Event Rules



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4 responses to “SLSA Island Sea Dreams Pro Results

  1. curshaw

    Some amazing scores!! Congratulations to the winners, and also everyone who competed! You can all be proud–these are *all* solid scores. 🙂

    Thanks also to all who worked the comp–I try to say that to their faces at every comp and I know it’s hard work, giving all that time on a Saturday which could range from early, early morning to late, late night depending on where in the world you are.

    • It was a great comp. and I was very impressed with the scores, not mine of course, lol. But everyone else’s.. The entire staff team was awesome and I thought it ran very smoothly. I had loads of fun.

  2. Wow, what a blast it was!!! I really was kinda concerned going into this comp being in the same heat as those who I’ve seen win comps, show superior levels of skill, and whom are just legendary. Also, the DK vs Lilly surfoff was so amazing, both are such great surfers and even greater people!

    In the stands, it was absolutely hilarious with those of us who were on voice continuously cracking each other up!! I really sincerely appreciate those who showed up, whom weren’t competing, but rather there to show support and for the fellowship that IS the SLSA!!! Thanks guys!

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