Island Sea Dreams

Island Sea Dreams . Stop #2 in the SLSA second season of 2013. The SLSA Island Sea Dreams HP5 competitions will be held on Sept. 14th and 21st. It’s a beautiful place. Stop by and surf, then wander around and enjoy. Or the other way around. Up to you. 🙂 Oh yeah, and don’t forget – tonight is the deadline to enter the competition.












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6 responses to “Island Sea Dreams

  1. It’s beautiful, but in RL there couldn’t be waves that big because the “bay” is completely surrounded by mountains. That’s SL for you 🙂

    Lots of nice houses and picturesque little places to explore, but right now the beauty of it all is tarnished by some kind of spectator stand hovering in the air. Wonder what THAT’S all about?? (Heh heh…)

    • And that is the beauty of SL! You don’t know what a tough time I had trying to take pictures without the stands in them, LOL.

      • I don’t know if your viewer has this, but Firestorm has a peachy feature called “derender” where you can temporarily prevent something from showing. 🙂 Your pics are great and make it look inviting. Of course actually being there makes it look even better.

    • Abel Halderman

      haha Cursh. Yeah well gotta compromise some of the physics principles (like gravity) sometimes ;p
      The sim is beautiful and the waves there are totally crazy. Loving it.

  2. I think Connie has done a wonderful job creating this beautiful place!

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