SLSA Solace Dreams Short Board Open Heat Draws-UPDATED

Solace Dreams Short Board Open Heat Draws-Updated Aug 15, 2013
Saturday, August 17th, 11:00 am SL Time (SLT)
Call for Heat 1 at 10:45 am SLT
Wave: Maoli Tahiti
Board: SSi Short Board

– 5 heat format;
– each heat winner advances to the mini-final;
– all 5 heat winners and the next 5 best scoring surfers will automatically be qualified to compete in the Pro event on August 24th.
Heat 1
Sarah Pevensey (RED)
Maryann Maa (BLUE)
Robin Mapp (GREEN)
EllaAnastasia (ORANGE)
bullet Admiral (PURPLE)

Heat 2
alliejj (RED)
Robbin Ember (BLUE)
Imzadi Amaterasu (GREEN)
RomanDeverearux (ORANGE)
Revy Lunasea (PURPLE)

Heat 3
Curshaw Resident (Curshaw MacTagairt) (RED)
Rayzza Rubble (BLUE)
Bethany Felisimo (GREEN)
Xander Lunasea (ORANGE)
AlexDanger (PURPLE)

Heat 4
Roxyangel007 (RED)
Rachel Emodemon (BLUE)
Monq Pinklady (GREEN)
Jadeeast (Annie Panties) (ORANGE)
MrsSweetAsian (Sticky Sweet) (PURPLE)
agent Bart (WHITE)

Heat 5
Diamond Carbetta (RED)
TawnieLee (BLUE)
Jaytee Cooperstone (GREEN)
Rose Morgan ( Roselyanna ) (ORANGE)

Event Staff:
Event Coordinator: Dax Kona
Head Judge: Abel Halderman
Judge: Sunrize Mornington
Judge: Dax Verlaine
Marshall: Mick Lunasea
Security: Alvero/Petra/ Dax V
DJ: Nicki
Rashies: Dax Kona
Trophies: Lilly Kona

*Competitor Packs and Spectator Stand Landmark to be sent out soon!

Surfers Pre-Qualified for the Pro event on August 24th:
Sunrize Mornington
Sally LaSalle
Abel Halderman
Colleen Brennan
Zelda Zimberman
Dax Kona
Petra Xaris
Alvaro Pevensey
Dax Verlaine
Cierra Theriac
followingwaves sirbu
Lilly Kona
Mick Lunasea
Jordan Mendle-Halderman
Missy Lovesu

I'm ready, ready, ready!

I’m ready, ready, ready!


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