SLSA 2013 Season 2 Schedule

SLSA+logo1Venues! Waves! Boards!

The SL Surfing Association (SLSA) has finalized its Season 2 of 2013. Well, mostly… The final event is going to be a surprise 🙂

August 17th (Open) and 24th (Pro)
Place: Solace Dreams
Board: SSi Short Board
Wave: Maoli Tahiti

Sept 14th (Open) and 21st (Pro)
Place: Island Dreams
Board: HP5
Wave: Moali

Oct 12th (Open) and 19th (Pro)
Place: Carpe Diem Surf Two
Board: SSI Long Board
Wave: 100m Jaws

Nov 9th (Open) and 16th (Pro)
Place: Chi
Wave: SSi Fluffies
Board: SSi Short Board

Dec 7th (Open) and 14th (Pro)
Place: Tsunami
Wave: TBA
Board: TBA

Grab your boards and start waxing em up! This is gonna be a good one!


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